Quiet midtower case with good airflow suggestions???

Looking for a miracle case here. I am short on space under my desk and unfortunately the limits listed below are the limits I have. Also plan to OC the proc a bit...looking for a miracle case here that can be quiet yet have good airflow.

Desired specs:
Case size - <17.5" D x 17"H x 9" Wide -- can go up to 19.3" D if i absolutely have to, but have to stick to <9" on the width

Video card will be a HD 4850 -- will only be using 1 card.

Plan to OC the Proc

Would like at least 2 if not 4 front USB ports.

Need no more than 3 HD slots

120mm fans preferred

Budget < ~ $125

I have looked around a bit, like at the Antec series...and here are the three cases I am currently considering (unless someone else has a better one in mind):

Thermaltake Armor+

Coolermaster Mystique RC632S-KKN1GP

Lian Li PC-K7B

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The lian Li should work ok; fry's has the antec sonata III on sale for $89.99, but it may be too large for your space. Black friday should offer some good deals. I always find at least one nearly free after rebate.
  2. Yes I would als recommend te Lian Li has the best air flow of all the case. plus since its made out of alu. also helps reduce temps a little
  3. Toms Hardware just did a review of 13 mid-tower cases. Have you read the review? If not, there is a link to the review on the home page and over in the right hand column of this page. The Antec 300 did quite well.

    As for a quiet case, the noise one hears is caused by the flow of air over, under, around, and through objects such as fan guards, fan grills, and components inside the case. It is the airflow which causes noise. You'll see posts where individuals who bought high airflow, high rpm fans will reduce the rpm to reduce the noise. Unfortunately they also reduce airflow at the same time.
  4. Antec 300.

    As Johnny said, it might be worth removing grills too.
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