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So my dad is ordering a workstation for work at home.
Originally he had a Dell build that was $4200 for a Q6600 and 2 EXPENSIVE FX 1700s (lol)
I offered to build one for him to save some money....this is what i threw together:

Case + PSU: Antec P182 + Antec Signature SG650W combo $280

Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 $224.99

CPU: C2Q Q9550 2.83GHz $329.99

RAM: CORSAIR (2x2) XMS2 DHX $105.00

GPUs: 2x VisionTek Radeon HD 4850 512MB Not Crossfire....separate

DVD: SAMSUNG SH-S223F $24.99

HDD: 2x Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB (RAID 1) $119.98

Monitors: This is the big thing....hell be running 3 hence the 2 gpus. 1 for windows and 2 for viewing images (x rays, cts, etc)

HP L1945w High Gloss Piano Black 19" 5ms $239.99

2x HP L2245w
$300 changed from 24s

I was posted just to see some suggestions and opinions of others here. You've been great help before and just wanted to double check....ill be dead if something goes wrong with this thing :D

Also, i remember some saying u need a floppy drive to run Raid....Is that true? And if not, how do u set drives in raid 1

Thx for any help
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  1. get some more ram. and make sure you are running x64
  2. Silverion77 said:
    So my dad is ordering a workstation for work at home.

    for work isnt dual 4870's a little overkill ?

    can he possible use dual 4850's or even a 4870x2?
  3. the last resort said:
    get some more ram. and make sure you are running x64

    no doubt a 64bit OS is necessary so windows doesnt chew 2 gigs for the Vid cards...
  4. what kind of software your dad trying or usually use, or even planning to use in this new workstation?
  5. hes a radiologist.....he views high resolution x-rays, ct's, stuff like that.....

    The problem with 64-bit is it might be incompatible with the software (some of it is pretty old)....their builds at work run xp pro and thats what i added (forgot to mention that)

    The problem with the x2 is that i need 3 monitors and the simplest way was just 2 4870s. I guess 4850s would be fine
    but then again higher cost means more for labor :D jk
    I just wasnt sure if the 50's could easily handle 24's
  6. Edit: Change to original post

    2 22s instead 24s are out of stock
  7. At first I thought you were just being a jerk and building a gaming comp with dad's money :)

    After living with the build for a few minutes, I saw your points... but I agree that the cards are overkill.

    2 9600GTs would do just as well. Or two 3870s if it makes you happy.

    Also, this would be one of those rare instances where DDR3 might actually be worthwhile. I have seen some comparisons that show good performance on memory intensive apps, with high end x48 boards and DDR3.

    If you didn't go that route, then it would work out better to get a good P45 board, with eSATA, firewire, lots of USB ports, etc. The PCI-E 2.0 slots at x8 would handle 2D just as well or possibly better than x48.

    Good choices on the monitors!
  8. Which monitors....and thx for the replies

    They were 24s but i changed them to the 2243BWX. After reading some reviews (weak stand on the BWX and portrait problems) i changed it to the HPs as stated above
    Whoops forgot link

    So 4850s sound good for video cards?
    And then ill get the 650w instead
  9. See the problem I have with the twin 4850s in this build is the heat. Granted it's not much more cash over a 3870, but there is the cooling solution to consider. I think given the use it's better to just have cards venting out the back.

    Then there is the case, with little airflow. Those 4850s will heat that case up too much.

    Do you want a real conservative style case with great air?
    One look at that and dad will put you back in the will for sure ;)

    Add a couple high end fans and the cards would be cool enough in that, provided the PSU is cool.

    Antec signature 650W should be a great choice. Signature series is Antec's top of the line.

    Ya I like the HPs as well... just the fact that you got the rotating displays, that's what he'll like most.
  10. Yea thanks for the help

    I got the P182 cause its nice and quiet...nothing crazy
    problem with that TJ (even though i love them) is the price they can justify it but its crazy
    He might take me out of the will for that thing lol (he hates technology needs help turning on the tv :D)

    For GPUs how bout 2 GTX+s (hate that damn plus) but they are similar to the 4850 and dual slot not bad right?

    As for Signature i kno they are amazing (might get the 850 for myself) present to myself

    So HP or Samsung i mean Samsung i kno is good. But HP is new but get amazing reviews. Do u have personal experience with any?

    Edit: How bout the Asus P45 Deluxe instead of the X48?
    and also what about Raid? You still need a floppy drive for it or just do it in the BIOS?
  11. No I use an Acer, that was bought back when they cost more and was all I could afford.

    I think HP is more likely to arrive in good shape.

    I have always thought ATI handled 2D better than nVidia, but maybe someone else will chime in on that.

    You are right about the 9800GTX+ being similar and better cooled.

    I have an idle speculation here... the total amount of available memory in an MS 32-bit OS with 4Gb in the system is determined by a combination of things. One of those, if I understand correctly, is the amount of video memory used. On Crossfire or SLI I think only one card's memory is directly addressed, and so only 512megs is lost.

    However, when running two separate 512 cards, I'm thinking you loose a whopping 1Gb of memory addresses to just the video. Add in the other reserved addresses and you MIGHT be down to around 2.5Gb of available system memory.

    I'm not 100% sure on that, but thought it would be worth bringing up. If that were true, it might be better to have 256meg cards.
  12. yea that whole video memory is right 1 gig will be used but these programs arent that intensive on memory. the ones from dell only had 2 gigs so i think im fine.

    And the GTX+ sounds like a good alternative
    HP Monitors....

    Now what about Raid and how bout the P5Q Deluxe instead?

    Edit: to recap

    Antec P182
    Signature 650
    P5Q Deluxe or X48
    4 gig Corsair DHX
    2 GTX+s
    2 HDDs in Raid 1
    2x 22" HPs
    1 19" HP
  13. Quote:
    1 for windows and 2 for viewing images (x rays, cts, etc)

    you know you could get 2600pro for the viewing images. This one can be passively cooled. Its too strong for viewing images anyway, but its a lot cheaper and wont add to the heat much if at all.

    I think that going with hd 3870 as the main card is the better idea if you dont plan on playing too many 3d games. 3870 really is super fast with direct3d and all professional programs that support it. Its actually noticeably faster than 9800gtx+ for this. If the application is OpenGL bound, I'd prefer nvidia card pushing it. You can also get 8600gt for the image viewing in this scenario.
  14. Well its a large budget here its through his company

    Im not trying to cut every corner just make it nice and fast and future proof. Plus some parts that can eventually be salvaged would be nice :D
  15. I like the P5Q Deluxe for this build because of the ports and the money saved.
  16. yea so with that the HPs and the GTX+ im at $2500
    w/ XP pro and some internet security

    Sounds a lot better than $4200 doesnt it
    Maybe some of that $$$$ saved will go to the builder?!?! :D
  17. Yep sure does :)
  18. Thx for the incedible help Proximon

    Now i just gotta build stuff for MY computer!! :bounce:
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