Will these fittings work with a swiftech 320 rad?

will the Bitspower Ultimate G 1/4 Thread 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD Compression Fittings work with a swiftech 320 rad? im not sure if the rad has g 1/4" threads, i think its 3/8" NPT threaded hubs...will it still work?
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  1. You hit a classic. The threads are G1/4. The compression fitting 3/8 5/8 is the exact ID/OD of the hose you need for those fittings.

    Swiftech rads have G1/4 threads, like 99% of all watercooling gear worth mentioning. It's the standard.
  2. My 320s were NPT threads. I think Swiftech was going to switch to G1/4 on them at some point, but I got some nylon G1/4 and tighly inserted them into the NPT threads. Works great...not sure how well it will work with metal threads though...
  3. ^Probably will strip the threads if doing that with metal.
  4. Rubix, when did Swiftech ever come out with NPT threads? Post me a link stating that. I think your wrong.
  5. ^Found this from 2006: http://www.madshrimps.be/vbulletin/f22/swiftech-mcr-320-quiet-power-series-radiator-23138/
    The MCR320 uses a combination of brass tubes and copper cooling fins for improved cooling. They also use a patent pending end tank design with 3/8" NPT fittings for improved flow and system bleeding. The radiator has a nice gloss black finish with just the edges of the cooling fins painted. This leaves the majority of the copper cooling fins exposed for improved heat dissipation.

  6. Wow, never knew. Thats from quite a while back. Thanks Shadow.
  7. ^Yeah, never knew it till today also. Looks like rubix's been WCing longer than us or picked up the rad during a clearance sale or ! live in US.
  8. I picked mine up from Petra's over a year ago. Maybe they were part of outdated stock and they were trying to get rid of them. Either way, the guy from Petra's called me within 2 minutes of posting my order and told me they were NPT rather than G1/4, so I got different fittings.

    I would assume the new 320's are G1/4 now...? That would make logical sense with every other fitting being G1/4 now...
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