HEY, take a look tell me what you think

evga 750i
2- evga gtx260's oced to the max
q9550 oced to 3.6+
corsair 750w single rail psu
xigmatek 1283 + bracket
300g velociraptor
4x1gig super talent ram 4-4-3-8
vista home premium 64bit

ok letm e have it,

and yes i want nvidia caue the game i play scales better on SLI

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  1. I have nothing against nvidia. It's the GAMES you play that matter! I've said that time & time again. You've looked at the benchmarks & reviews & you know what you want.

    Pull the trigger for a head shot.
  2. are the video corrupytion problems still going on with nvidia 700 series boards???
  3. If you really want to spend that much money on an HDD I'd much rather set 2 or 3 WD6400AAKSs in RAID 0 than spend $1/GB of storage. You'd probably be just as happy with one WD6400AAKS and you'd have an extra $215.
  4. Only on 790i, as far as I'm concerned.
  5. You could go 2x2Gb of RAM to give yourself space to upgrade later. Also you will want PC8500 for overclocking.

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