problem with new system? gigabyte ds5 and phemon 9850

hi. i just built a system, its been about 10 years since my last one, but something doesn't seem right help. here are the spec on the pc. CPU: amd phenom 9850, mobo: gigabyte ma790fx-ds5 (with the f6 update), RAM: corsair 4gb 2x2 800 xms2 ddr2, GPU: EVGA 8800gt 512mb ddr3, PSU: Antec 650 neo-power 12v modular, and HD:WD Raptor 150gb 10k and WD 150 7200. i have all this inside a thermaltake armor+ full size case with about 8 fans on it. 2 front intake 120mm fans, 1 120mm exhaust fan and 1 90mm exhaust fan on the rear, 1 90mm exhaust fan on top, 1 pci slot fan, 1 120mm fan right by the video card to give it some air, and 1 giant intake fan on the side window. also all the 120 fans are 2000+ rpm fans. the problem that i am having is when the computer goes into sleep mode it doesn;t wake back up. it just stays sleeping even when i move the mouse, hit the keyboard, or hit alt+ctrl+del. I built this rig for mainly world of warcraft and i can play 12+ hours straight with no problem and stays a cool 42*C ish temp while playing and 32*C while doing nothing. someone told me that the cpu could be shutting down because of overheat problems but as you can see the temps seem very cool for the amd and i have massive amounts of air going through the case. what do you guys think could be the problem? o yea and the cpu has a zalman 9500 cooler on it. :ouch:
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  1. o yea im using vista 32 bit
  2. It's nothing to do with heat.

    Sleep modes have been problematic since they were first introduced.

    Make sure all your drivers are up to date, then try a few different settings in your BIOS... you'll just have to experiment a bit probably. Between that and the OS settings.
  3. Sleep sucks, leave it on or turn it off.
  4. Try hybernation instead of sleep.

    Also, go to control panel, power options, advanced configuration and check the CPU and PCI express settings, maybe there is some problem there.

    If everything fails, roadrunner gave you quite a good choice.
  5. i don't think i have the hibernation option but imma check but i'll prolly go with roadrunners advice. thanks. you know how it say keep hard drives on for 1-5 hours or never turn off. if i leave my hard drives on for a prolonged time can that damage them? as in maybe 5-10 hours?
  6. If they are actually constantly running then you have a different problem :)
  7. well not constantly running bun constantly on. that shouldn't be a problem right?
  8. Nope not a big issue.
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