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So this guy wants me to make him a rack for his music that he uses during his 'concerts' that he plays. Basically what he does is plays a certain instrument and runs a music clip on his laptop that corresponds with the instrument. All of his equipment that he uses during this show is stored on some sort of rack.

Anyways, the rack this guy wants me to make for him is one that contains several SSD's(I would use HDD's but this is what he wants...) that he can just plug his laptop into and play from. I was thinking of building a 'rack case' that contains about 6 SSD's that are all connected to a USB hub which then can be plugged into the computer.

Anyone have some other ideas?
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  1. 6 SSDs plugged into a USB hub means six different drives, even though integrated into one unit. Aside from potential heat issues cause by bunching drives together, file management will be a pain. Just make sure you client is ok with browsing through different drives first, and make sure ventilation's good! :)
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