Installing XP without SATA/RAID F6 Driver

Hi, can anyone help me here...
I have just built a P.C using a Gigabyte GA-8I955X Royal mobo and a Seagate 160GB SATA hard disk.
I installed Windows 7 and partitioned the disk into two 70 whatever GB's first. Win 7 installed fine without the need to install the SATA / RAID driver but when I load XP it can't detect the hard disk. I have tried pushing F6 and installing the driver 'RAID_ITE_8212' but it wont't work.
I have also tried slipstreaming it with nLite but still nothing. Also my only floppy disk is about knackard now.
I only installed Win 7 to see if I could run the XP setup from within it and install to the other partition but that is not an option it is allowing me. I don't want Win 7 on this machine and will delete it once I can work out how XP is installed.
Anyone got any tips here as it is doing my nut in! LOL!


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  1. XP has more SATA drivers in its cabinets than it likes to admit. Hit the F6 key and when it stalls asking for the floppy, just press Enter. I've found that makes it look in more places and if you watch the bottom of the screen, I think you'll agree. It's worth a try, anyway.

    If that fails, the answer may be in the BIOS pages - especially where RAID is concerned. Look for AHCI settings and tinker with them.
  2. Thanx Saga Lout
    I managed to do it by setting BIOS to 'Failsafe' mode and installing the intel SATA/RAID driver. Shame it's not in ACHI but it's loading up at least.
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