Help w/K9N2 and the Antec 300 front panel

I am trying to find someone who has put the K9N2 SLI motherboard into the Antec 300 case. The front panel connectors are not fitting correctly. Does anyone have any idea on how to connect these? I have read all the info on these two products and nothing is making sense.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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  1. Hurlygirl001 - Could you please elaborate a little more? Do you mean a usb cable from the front panel will not fit into a usb connection on the motherboard?
  2. It is all the front panel power switch, HDD and Reset switch connectors. They plug into the the motherboard but they are 2 prong and 3 prong connectors. I am not familiar with plugging these types of connectors into the motherboard. Usually they are 8 or 10 pin. I don't want to plug them in incorrectly due to the +/- charge.
  3. There should be a photo or diagram of connections in the motherboard manual. Most, but not all, motherboards have the small two and three prong connections for the power switch, reset switch, and hard disk led located at or near the bottom front of the motherboard as viewed once the board is mounted in the case.

    The pc case manual may also have a photo or diagram for the power, reset, and hdd led connections.

    The eight and ten pin connectors would be for things like usb and firewire connections on the front panel.
  4. I know what she means. All you need to do is plug all the smaller 2 and three pin connetors coming from the front panel onto the motherboard frontpanel pins.
    On the connectors will be HDD,PWR etc which correspond to the LED's and switches on the front panel.In the manual there will be a picture of that area with where the HDD,PWR connector etc go. Don't worry too much about if you get the positive and negatives the wrong way round. If they are all that will happen realy is that LED's will not light on power on or disc access. If you get that turn those connectors for those around.
    I forget what the colours are on them wires at the mo.
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