No internet on one cpu but not the other

i have two computers that i have hooked to a network to connect to the internet. Now i have my laptop connecting through a wireless or lan connection. but my desktop wont connect at all. i even disconnect the main lan line from my wireless router and plugged it straight into my desktop. and i cant update any of my virus protection or windows
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  1. check that you have dhcp enabled on the router and have not set a manual ip on the desktops connection.

    im guessing the router will have dhcp enabled already, so just check the desktops connection settings by right clicking the device in network connections (via control panel) and selecting properties, then properties again, select the option in the window for tcpip and select properties, on the window that comes up the tick box for automatically find my ip should be ticked, if not, first write down the settings currently entered on a bit of paper and then tick the box.

    select ok a few times and the connection will then look for a new ip from the router and hopefully get online.
  2. dhcp keeps shutting down even when i manually start it
  3. Try manually assigning the PC the IP addresses.
    Just don't assign the same IP as the laptop is using.
    You need :

    IP address
    Gateway IP address
    DNS IP addresses

    Run an "ipconfig /all" command in a CMD window on the laptop to determine what addresses to use.
  4. ok open the laptops network properties and copy down the info in lylebs post

    now do the same on the main pc and copy over the info, now change the last digit of the ip to something else (but not .0 or .1), and leave the gateway and dns the same.

    re dhcp shutting down, go into event viewer (via control panel - admin tools) and just see if the service is giving any errors.
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