Replacing large PSU (in size) with smaller one?


I hope you can help. I have an old Compaq D310 computer (mini tower) which comes with a relatively feeble power supply (220W, Model PS-6221-2CF). I have a new one to replace it with, an Antec True 330W and assumed they would be the same size. However the Compaq power supply is much larger (around 6" (15cm) x 5" (13cm) x 4" (10cm)) than the Antec and therefore there are not the equivalent holes on the PC case to attach the new power supply to plus there will be a big gap. Are there "backplates" you can by that I could attach to the Compaq so the new power supply would fit, or do I have to buy an appropriately sized power supply? If so, can anyone recommend one of the right size and around 330W.

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  1. most new psus are based on ATX-standards electrically and physically as well (actual size and power connectors). If the old psu is of some odd proprietary size, it might very well have odd proprietary connectors as well, mainly the mobo 20/24 pin connector might have different leads in the wrong places and it might be keyed differently, so the new psu wouldn't even fit to the mobo...
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