DG965RY 2GB + 1GB RAM not working together

Hi Guys, I have a DG965RY board with Intel dual core 3.0 Ghz proc. It was working fine with 2x1GB (667 Mhz) Ram till today. Today I got a 2 GB (667 Mhz) RAM stick. When I installed it with my two 1 GB RAM sticks it does not work. If I intall it alone it works fine.

So, I am looking for some help to find out why my motherboard is not working with 2GB and 1GB RAM installed together.
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  1. Are the memory modules installed like this?

    Channel A, DIMM 0 = 1GB
    Channel B, DIMM 0 = 2GB
    Channel A, DIMM 1 = 1GB
    Channel B, DIMM 1 = Empty

    What are the part numbers of your memory modules?
  2. I have tried all combination. I have to check the part number. could you tell where can I check this.
  3. It normally is written on a sticker on each module. You could also use Cpu-Z - the modules info will be available from the SPD tab. Check all slots that contain a memory module.

    That Intel motherboard is picky with memory.
  4. Hi

    Thanks for your help. Here is the Part Number.

    RAM 1: Transcend 2GB
    Part Number: JM667QLU-2G

    RAM 2: Transcend 1GB
    Part Number: JM667QLJ-1G

    RAM 3: Transcend 1GB
    Part Number: JM667QLJ-1G
  5. You could contact Transcend and ask them why they don't work. Those modules are not on Intels list of certified modules, but they should work just fine. The BIOS might also have been modified at some point and no longer support your configuration. An email to Intel support would answer that question.

    Why didn't you buy two modules? If you wanted to add 2G, then you should have bought 2 modules identical to the ones that you already had. Dual-channel provides better memory performance.

    If adding one more JM667QLU-2G module doesn't work with the existing modules, then just sell the JM667QLJ-1G modules. You'll still have 4GB and it will work. Before doing it I would confirm with Transcend that they will work.
  6. I HAVE THE SAME MOTHERBOARD WITH CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 PROCESSOR I USE Nvidia pauit 8600 gt super in x16 port :bounce:
  7. u can use kvr800d2n5/2g
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