Formatting Issues

Specs :

AMD Phenom 9850 BE, 8 Gb of OCZ Reaper HP, Asus DDR2 Mobo, 150Gb Raptor X harddrive.

O/S :

Windows Vista 64bit. OE copy from OC uk.

Issue :

Tried and failed with many methods, at the moment i have only bodged a full format by re-installing windows and deleting any old files.

What i want to do is completely format my HD and start from scratch but Obv in vista this cannot be done like in XP whilst in the desktop.

I have also tried booting from CD but going through the steps doesn't give the option to format the drive. I've tried everything i can think of but can't seem to get it too work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i will be receiving my Powercolor 5770 PCS+ in a couple of days and would like to have a fresh install. Thanks for your time.
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  1. i'msorry if this has been posted before, its just that ive tried to search for an answer on google, these forums, asked ocuk. no body seems to have the answer i'm looking for and i don't really want to pay for some rip off local to format it for me.

    Im usually great with comps and enjoy building tweaking and modding my own computers but this has me beat.

    Any help would be top notch,

    Cheers again.
  2. If I understand correctly, you want to wipe your HDD completely clean, not saving anything, and start fresh as if it were a brand new HDD unit. Then you will install your OS (Win Vista 64), your applications software, etc.

    I suggest what you really want to do is not just Format. For what you do want, the Vista Install disk should do it. Boot from the Install disk in the optical drive and look for its option to Delete any Partition it can find on your HDD unit. If there is more than one, Delete them all, one at a time if necessary. THEN proceed to Create and Format a new Partition (the normal Install process starting point), probably ensuring that it uses ALL of the HDD space for one large Partition (Volume) on the drive. Continue with the rest of the Install.
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