Intermittant blip on Networking graph in Windows Task Manager

I just had Verizon FIOS installed on my computer and have noticed over the last month an intermittant blip on my Network Graph in Windows Task Manager that has never been there before. Could this be the sign of a virus or spyware? It blips even when I'm not connected to the internet.
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  1. It could be. If you feel savvy enough download hijackthis and analyze the log yourself or have a friend / forum help you. Or download process explorer and see if any programs are hiding from your computer. Run an MBAM scan to give you a little peace of mind. But it could also be your NIC card talking to the router if it happens when your not connected.
  2. Thanks, I ran MBAM and it found two rootkits that I got rid of and then I threw the dice and asked AVG to heal all the stuff that was coming up under rootkit detection. But everytime I run AVG, it detects the same files. They are hidden. Do I have to unhide before AVG can heal them?
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