Rec. mobo and PSU for this gaming build?

Sorry, another "Recommend parts?" and "Are these compatible?" topic haha.

Anyway, this is my planned build:

How is that mobo? Good for that build, or is there something better I should get?

Doubting that PSU brand and modular cables, but I've heard some good stuff from people. Worth getting?

And finally how does everything else look? Is it all compatible and there aren't any bottlenecks
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  1. Forgot to mention it'll be run using Win XP :p
  2. Xigmatek is the same CWT builds as the Thermaltake 1000 & 1200 and the Corsair HX 1000. If its like all those it should be great. Anandtech did a review but they arent the best when it comes to testing. Should be good. Also modular cables are fine. Theres nothing bad about them

    Also the Motherboard is great too. P45 is newer but X48 is fine
    All compatible
  3. What are advantages of P45 over X38?
  4. P45 is just a newer chipset. Nothing much though
    It has a newer southchip (nothing special unless u have a huge amount of drives)

    Its probably has more features though but X48 has a full second x16 slot versus the P45's x8 second PCI-E slot
  5. I would get a better cpu cooler, the Xigmatek S1283 and Sunbeam core touch are the current kings of cooling.
  6. You mean X38? X38 has 2 PCI-E 16x slots as well.

    Well anyway, I guess that settles that.

    I'll look at some more CPU Coolers. The main reason I chose that cooler is because it has a crapload of high reviews on NewEgg.
  7. 1) X38 and X48 both have 2 PCI-E x16 slots. P45 has 1 x16 and 1 x8

    2) It has high reviews but there are much better and cheaper ones as Mark said above
  8. Oops, wow sorry, for some reason I was thinking I put down the X38 <_<. But I trust X48 is better than X38?

    Anyway, I'm looking at XIGMATEK HSFs, and I've been wondering all during this process, is there much of a difference between 90mm and 120mm fans (that matter to me)? I would think 120mm cool better, but if there's not much of a difference, I'd get 90mm just to be sure that it all fits
  9. yea X48 is a revamped X38

    As for the HSF, prob. not a huge difference, but im almost positive the 120 will fit in that tempest. It fits fine in the Antec 900 and if i recall the Tempest is a little bigger
  10. Hah, alright, thanks guys. Swapped in the and saved me about $20 - $30.

    So it seems like I'm all set to buy? I won't need thermal paste or any fun stuff like that
  11. U might need some thermal paste i like Artic Cooling MX-2 it does better than Artic Silver and its nonconductive (not a mobo killer XP)
  12. lol not to make this confusing, but i'm considering swapping the fast quad core for a fast dual core. would that necessitate any changes in this build?
  13. nope but y? If overclocking stick with the quad that way it will be better when things use multiple threads
  14. "noob (12:51:17 AM): YOU DON'T ****NG NEED A QUAD CORE
    noob (12:51:22 AM): YOU NEED THOSE FOR RTS ****ING GAMES
    noob (12:51:29 AM): CRYSIS DOESN'T EVEN NEED A ****ING QUAD CORE
    noob (12:51:39 AM): IF YOU TAKE A ****ING PENTIUM 4 AND A 8800GT IT CAN RUN ON HIGH FOR ****S SAKE
    noob (12:55:55 AM): FPS don't need fast cpu's sigh"

    Basically saying games are more GPU dependent and not to waste too much money on quad cores. I know he was joking to a certain extent about the Pentium 4 thing, but how true is what he says?
  15. Hes right on all counts games only use atm 2 of the 4 cores so a 4ghz Core 2 will beat a 3.4 Ghz Quad but u have to look beyond now....

    Say in a month games start using 4 cores then the quad will destroy the dual its longevity for the future by paying the extra $$$
  16. that's what i figure. you know, i really need to just bite down and stay with something. what other people say about these things sway me way too much haha
  17. lol
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