my seagate 500gb barracuda hard drive is not detected

my seagate 500gb barracuda hard drive is not detected by my bios anymore, nor in disk manager as I searched the internet I couldn't get a proper answer i want to recover my data its really urgent :

STM305003EHM301-RK- Drive Model

2HBAAL6W- Serial Number

Its under warranty but from the place i bought it they said they will give me anew hdd but what about the data that's important for me then the hard drive

plz help with regards
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    The first action would be to use Seagate's diagnostic tool:

    If Seatools doesn't detect the disk, you may check the cable, the host (swap the ports), power cable...

    And if the disks is really dead, you may either hope it's the controller (=the printed circuit, often the case if the disk isn't detected) and replace it with one taken from a working disk of exactly the same model.

    Or you can pay a specialized company to recover your data. Not exactly cheap, depending on the operation.
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