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I bought the mentioned product less than a year ago and now am experiencing a mysterious hardware failure. I was going to use it to back up my desktop HDD before I did a clean install of Windows 7. Well, under Windows Vista the external HDD for some reason would power itself off for any single transfer greater than about 500MB, forcing me to unplug the USB cable and replug it in for the computer to detect it after the failed transfer. Obviously I wasn't going to get a bulk transfer done that way. So I tried it in Ubuntu, and it unexplainably worked for large file transfers. So I set the transfer before I went to bed in hopes that it would be done in the morning. However, though the transfer might have been successful (I have my doubts), every time I power on the HDD now it beeps and clicks for about 5 minutes before going silent. Worse yet, it is undetected by both Windows and Ubuntu now. I've noticed that after the initial 5 minutes of beeping (when it becomes silent) the power light stays on even if you unplug the HDD from the computer (previously the light would turn off if the USB were unplugged, as it's supposed to be a smart "green" HDD).

Is this HDD bricked even though it hasn't fallen? What should I do next?
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  1. As a point of clarification, you're talking about Ubuntu and Windows installations on different computers, not on the same multi-boot system? If the former, I would already the assume the drive as unreliable for backup purposes, and look for a replacement.
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