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Well I found a heck of a deal for a EVGA x58 motherboard and 3x EVGA GTX 260 216 Core video cards. Since there will be three video cards, all the PCI slots will be covered which means NO audio card. I was wondering what the stock motherboard audio is like compared to a SoundBlaster X-Fi sound card? The two main things I'd be using sound for is just music and gaming. Will I be able to turn sound quality all the way up on games if I used the motherboard audio? -Thanks
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  1. Sound = really every persons opinion, run it with the Onboard most onboard sounds is good, unless your an audiophile...

    again its everyones own opinion, best advice i can give is..run the onboard sound if you like it fine, if not is it worth the trade off of running TRI SLI.

    as for sound quality all the way up no, EAX 3 isn't supported by most Onboard sound cards.

    If its important to you you may just want dual SLI and a sound card... (honestly it might be better there many problems with Tri SLI and most games you actually lose performance and its more of a flex epeen thing...)
  2. Another thing I'm concerned about is the PSU. I was originally going with the CORSAIR CMPSU-1000HX 1000W which has been rated as one of the TOP PSU's but with OC'ing my i7 920 to around 3.6ghz, all the fans in my Antec Twelve Hundred and then adding those 3x GTX 260 216 Cores that's really going to be pushing it. What do you think? Could the legendary Corsair 1000w power all those components without any hiccups?
  3. http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

    do that..and i say add a few watts for saftey

    problem is it dosn't have an option for TRI SLI..so take that into consideration
  4. I put all the stuff in and it's only recommending 692w at 95% load. I'm not sure if it's doing 3-way SLI though I'm pretty sure it's only adding up 2x GTX 260's.
  5. Go for two GTX260 and three is still under development and has issue's. for the sound card I can tell the difference from on board audio and a sound card I got $30 sound card. It is definitly worth it if you have surround sound because it becomes a management to put sound in each speaker to result in fanaminal sound. If you have 3 already wootz what great eye candy
  6. I've got an EVGA X58 with twin GTX280's and an Intel I7-965. The performance gain from two to three video cards is minimal and I'm not sure they've worked out all the problems in the BIOS for tri-SLI yet. Look at the EVGA forums and you'll find a number of people having problems with it.

    You may be getting too good a deal to pass up, but I might be tempted to get the three cards, sell one on Ebay and put in a sound card. Although, to my ears, the on-board sound is awfully good coming out of my Klipsch 4.1, 400 watt speaker system.

    Also, be aware that early in January, there's going to be new set of nVidia cards coming out. They'll be upgrades from the current GTX260/280 series. They may even have dual GPU model which would allow you to run quad SLI with just two cards. leaving you room for a sound card.

    Also be aware that if you install three cards, they will operate in 16x 8x 8x mode. Two cards with no other PCIEx card installed in the third slot will give you 16x 16x.
  7. Hmm if that's true I could sell one card. Then do the step up program for the other two cards. Do you have any sources that can confirm this is true that the new line of nVidia cards are coming out in January?
  8. I read up on it a little bit. The 295 is 2 GTX 280's together *i think at least*. If that's the case, I might as well just keep my 3 GTX 260's don't you think? Also as you said, they'd be running 16x/8x/8x though unlike on 1-2 cards that would both be running 16x. I know it's hard to guess, but how much do you think the 295 would be? Like $550?
  9. fragr said:
    I read up on it a little bit. The 295 is 2 GTX 280's together *i think at least*.

    The specs of GT295 is actually a cross between GTX260 & GTX280. The memory system is from GTX260 (2x896MB @ 448bit wide) while the shaders are from GTX280 (2x240 SP).
    This means that the memory will not be good enough for high res displays but the processing power is a killer... :pt1cable:
    and yes, most probably it'll cost leg and arm (or kidney) in the beginning... :non:
  10. It might not be the cards. We have had two boards fail on voltage. One was a 780i and one was a 790i 790i had a bio that would not update with out flashing 4 or 5 times and then not run correct. and the 780i shorted out on install and stuck to the cpu. Tech support will not fix either issue and said the store is where the boards need to be returned to. Also looks like they are getting away form intell after to 30 or so BBB.org complaints on not getting boards fixed that were faulty. But the people that got them replaced did not have the same issue again ? Now they have a 5 star support on the web to try and make the usa people feel better about there service that takes a state action and the bbb to get them moving. Try a Asus and I bet the issue is gone. At least asus will bend over all ways they can to help. There customer support is outstanding as well as msi and a few others. XFX used to be so good, I just believe it must be the china backers wanting to show profit on behalf of support shorting.
  11. Good thing we're talking about EVGA.
  12. I am sure you know that the china MFG that makes the evga and pine tech gfore stuff and several others is really no other than Eastcom, Inc.
    1931 Lynx Place
    Ontario, CA 91761
    check out the BBB.org or Complaint ID: 98366498 or just look up Eastcom, Inc I am sure being informed as you are you will see the light in what I am saying. I just want to let others know to be carefull.
    Support is a lot to gamers and OC'ers. No support for hard ware issues or a product the is used when it should be new right from the factory!
    Just be informed.
    Not trying to tell people what to buy. Just know who and what you might be getting into!
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