a problem with my ati4870x2

Hello i bought a sapphire 4870x2 today and i got disappointed , . the reason is: when i had my 4870 i got avg 270 fps at high settings at Counter strike source , while i got avg 140 fps at high setting with my new sapphire 4870x2," both stresstest were at 800x600 ingame resolution".

my pc specs when i did both stresstest was as follow:

1. Processor Core2due E6750.
2. P5kc motherboard.
3. 550w A-55GA powersupply.
4. Memory: 1gb corsair

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  1. First of all, your power supply is two weak. A 550W is really the recommended supply for ONE 4870. Your card is probably not getting enough juice. Also, crossfire adds some processing overhead to your CPU so you mighnt wanna think about overclocking your chip. You also need more system RAM. I mean really you have more VRAM than system RAM!
  2. I think the part between the keyboard and the chair is defective. Get a new one.

    But seriously read about specified requirements before slapping random stuff together.

    I would like to know how someone with enough cash to throw down on a 4870x2, wouldn' t have the cash for some decent ram and power.

    From the looks of it your x2 cost more then the rest of your system.
  3. also...


    you can't tell the difference... lke honestly... if the 4870 got 270 and then the 4870 x2 got 40...

    that would be something to complain about... but your still doubling your vsync rate... cmon stop whining you spoiled kid
  4. Going from a 4870 to a 4870X2 isnt much of an "upgrade" when you factor in your PC specs and resolution. At that resolution even a 7900GT will give you like 200FPS in Counter Strike....you were already way...way....WAY on overkill as far as video card goes for CS with the 4870. Of course this is assuming CS is the only game you play. And has somebody already mentioned, anything over 60FPS is unnoticable and is preety much headroom for spikes and heavy graphical areas.

    As far as teh rest of the system goes, I think hes ok with 550W but his PSU is an ASUS, so yea I wouldnt trust it. If it was a Corsair, PCP&C/OCZ, Mushkin, Antec or what not he would be fine with it. Also ditto on the above RAM comments, 2gb for XP, 4gb for Vista.
  5. I think its a waste to answer this thread. Too many loony moves, I question the OP as to the seriousness of this post
  6. Is the lastest .net framework installed?

    Your PSU should be fine to be honest(if it holds its specs). at 260ish watts there should be enough for the low power use system you have left.

    For real though, get more memory 1 gig is not enough for much any more. Hell my PVR uses 600-700megs with all its other stuff it does in the background and that thing NEVER games.

    My system(only 1 4870,but there is still plenty of room left for more)

    Case: Antec 900
    Board: P35 DS3R
    CPU: Q6600 @ 3.00
    CPU cooling : Zalman 9500 @ 500-2200 rpms(PWM)
    Memory: 4x 2048MB @ 4,4,4,10 (800)
    Video: HD 4870
    2x WDC 250gig (Raid0)
    2x Seagate 320gig(Storage)
    Optical drive: Pioneer DVR-115DBK
    KB/Mouse: Logitech Access 600, G9 Mouse
    Sound: Creative SB Audigy 2zs

    Idle - Surfing the net
    209 watts at the wall
    Load - Prime 95 + Folding on GPU
    350 watts at the wall

    I can go farther, but it takes allot of extra stuff

    Looks like a X2 would still be under 500 :)
  7. Quote:
    "Is the lastest .net framework installed?"

    what are the catalyst settings ?

    Highest settings.

    well well i tried this pc with 3gb memory first and it gave me the same fps problems , so i went back to the normal memory i used with my 4870.

    And about my pc specs. am getting a 1010w powersupply , 1 more 4870x2 for a crossfire and a Rampage Extreme mobo in 2 weeks time .

    now please what should i get first to let my single x2 work at its best in the recent time ?

    ill go back to 3gb memory , but is the powersupply realy could be making the problem ?

    and no one answerd me about that error msg.

    best regards !!!
  8. You won't see too many (or any) reviews with this card at 800x 600 but one pattern you may notice is top end cards under performing lower models at CPU bound resolutions. You may have no problem with your card but I agree with the gallery that the first set of specs you presented are very unbalanced and the PSU doesn't meet the requirements.
  9. Buying another 4870X2 for QuadCrossfire sure as hell wont help your "issue". That will do nothing but make it worse. Dont waste the money, a single 4870X2 is good enough for anybody and anything.
  10. Id hold out for the GX2
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