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i was wondering, i have a GTX 260 core 216 and EVGA also has the same card in a superclocked edition. now the question is, is it the same card as mine and they just set the clocks higher, and theres nothing special about the card. its the exact same but with higher clocks? so that means i could take my stock clock card and safely put the superclocked card's clock speed's on mine and it would be just like having the superclocked?
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  1. That's pretty much spot on, they just change the clocks themselves and then maybe put a better aftermarket cooler on it. Yours should clock to the same frequencies as the overclock, you would just have to increase the fan speed appropriately.
  2. The overclocked edition may have a higher voltage to achive those higher clocks. It's also suppose to work at that speed while you may or may not be able to overclock to that speed. Still, you should be able to get close to that speed, if not surpass it, by overclocking it yourself. It will depend on your sample for as they say, "your mileage will vary"
  3. ok thanks much guys for the responses
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