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On my new Toshiba laptop (running Windows 7) I seem to have botched the settings for connecting to my wireless home network. I can get to the message to "make sure the network settings match the wireless router settings"--but I cannot figure out how to check these settings or how to reset these settings. Surely there is a ready way to do this! Help!
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  1. Go into network sharing center>
    Click internet properties up to the left>
    Right click on your device from there - Settings>
    Highlight IPv4 and click properties>
    Make sure all the settings here are set to default.
    (Not currently running of Win7 so I could be a little of when finding the correct terms on how to get to this window)
  2. are you using the toshiba wireless connection software or the windows 7 wireless networking to try and connect ?

    if windows 7 go to start--type in network and sharing center--open it from the list--and on the left hand side click manage wireless networks--you can add and remove networks from there--remove the one you botched and then click add to start again
  3. Forgot about that, GG
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