Cooler on 9950 running way hot

Well I just got my 9950 125w and I put on it's bulky stock fan (which almost rubs the mobo heatpipes) with my arctic silver 5 and decided to run prime 95 to see what it's max temps would be. It tops out right at 60 degrees C, so my thought of a mild overclock is out of the question for now. It idles at 44 degrees, and those are at the stock speeds, not overclocked. Amd's max temps for the 9950 I believe is 61C, so I can't believe that the stock fan runs that hot, and I know I put the as5 on right, I've done it 100 times. Anyway, I guess I need to get a new cooler for it. Are there any coolers that are the best for performance? I'm not worried about price as much, I can get it off of ebay or something. I did overclock this to 3.1ghz easy but didn't test stability for temp reasons. That M3a79-T is an awesome board. I'm guessing I'll leave it at 3ghz. With my max temps at 60c now, what do you guys think my temps will be with a quality cooler? As I said, the 60C is at stock 2.6 speeds now though. Thanks guys, Justin.

P.S. Sorry if I jumped around a bit.

My Rig

Antec True power 2.0 430w
Asus M3A79-T Deluxe
Amd 9950 125w Black
Corsair 2gb Dominator DDR-1066
XFX 8800GT 512MB XXX
2x Hitachi 80gb Sata-2 Raid 0
Thermaltake Matrix Vx
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  1. Have you seated the sink properly? push-pins sometimes are not very secure. Temps are a bit high - what is your ambient temp? Coolers I recommend would be Xigmatek, TRUE, or Tuniq. AS5 requires a burn-in period of 200 hours - but with those temps, there's not much it can help. Tryout the MX-2 as it performs better than the AS5 without the burn-in period.
  2. See some good reviews on this aftermarket CPU HSF and the motherboard you have.
    ASUS Triton 78 120mm EBR CPU Cooler - Retail $69.99 Free Shipping*

    Other aftermarket HSF coolers' I would recommend are the following. If it can fit in your case when side panel is close (height wise) then go with the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler - Retail $31.99 ($21.99 after $10.00 Mail-In Rebate) Free Shipping*

    Or the OCZ OCZ Vendetta 92mm Ball CPU Cooler - Retail $34.99 ($26.99 after $8.00 Mail-In Rebate)

    XIGMATEK HDT-S963 92mm Rifle CPU Cooler - Retail $24.99

    Hope this helped you out some.
  3. I built a secondary gaming computer a couple months ago using a 9950 BE on a Foxconn board. I topped the 9950 with a TRUE, running a 120mm fan and run temps in the mid 50's while loading down all four cores. I suggest that the stock cooler be given a toss.
  4. Everybody says that the xigmatek s1283 is a great cooler, especially for the money but I was looking on their website and it looks like they have a model S1284 that has a lower thermal resistance and better air flow. I presume it is the older brother of the s1283? Oh and it has 4 heat pipes instead of 3. I assume that it will fit in my Thermaltake Matrix VX?

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Edit: Found that s1284 is worse than 1283 in several places. Guess I'll see If I can find anything better than Xigmatek S1283
  5. This may be too late for you, but I've got a Thermaltake Ultra-120 Extreme on my 9950 (with AS-5), and it's been great. Using ASUS PC Probe II, CPU temps at stock speeds were ~40-41 at idle, and ~44-46C under full load (I run Rosetta@Home 24/7, so the cores are always maxed), and that's with a Silverstone adjustable speed fan set to ~1300rpm where it's not noticably loud.

    This weekend I've been tinkering with some OC settings. Rosetta's been running stable at 3.1GHz on air for ~24hrs, but I upped a few voltages to get there. Max CPU temp is 52C at the same fan speed, but ambient's down a few degrees right now. It was running ~57 during the warm part of the day yesterday, but I could knock it down to 54 by cranking up the fan.

    This is with the CPU and heatsink as they came out of the box--not lapped.

    One note: This beast is big, but it should fit in a "standard" size case. My box is 7 7/8" wide (outside dimension), and I've got somewhere between 1/2" - 3/4" room to spare. If your box is at least 7 1/2" wide, you should be fine. (It'd be silly for Thermaltake to build a cooler that wouldn't fit in their box.)
  6. ThermalRIGHT :pt1cable:
  7. I appreciate the great information. I had to warranty it back to newegg for a new one because it was running 70c full load with the stock cooler and AMD said that it was probably overheating. When I a new one back, I'm probably going to decide between the TRUE and OCZ vendetta 2.
  8. thedragn1 said:
    I appreciate the great information. I had to warranty it back to newegg for a new one because it was running 70c full load with the stock cooler and AMD said that it was probably overheating. When I a new one back, I'm probably going to decide between the TRUE and OCZ vendetta 2.

    I just got my 125W 9950BE on Tuesday from NewEgg. I installed it in my M2N32SLI Deluxe with a Zalman 9700. I am also using a new Antec 900, which has excellent ventilation compared to my CoolerMaster WaveMaster. It has the 200mm Big Boy on top, a 120mm in the back, a 120 mm in the side panel, and 2x120mm in the front. I have the fan speeds all set to low, and the 9700 set to about 1500rpms. Surprisingly, my idle temp of the 9950 was about 41C at stock speed. The case temp was about 26C. I ran Prime95 for about 15 minutes and temps got up to 66 degrees, so I shut it down. My 5000 would idle at around 30-35C and the max temp was about 55C. I have heard the Phenoms run hot, but this hot? Looking at the AMD site, it looks like the max suggest temp is 65C, so I am already there without any OC!

    Any ideas on what to try to cool this baby down? I was hoping to OC this to about 3.2GHz to match what I had my 5000BE at. But, with these temps, it doesn't look like I am going to be able to. Also, this is the 5th processor I have installed, so I am pretty sure I did it correctly. I have never had temp issues like this before.

  9. I'm running my 9950be on Asus m3a78-em o/c 8% in bios. This gives me 2.809Ghz @ stock 1.30v. According to speedfan and pcprobe idle is around 37C and load 48C, with case 28C. I'm using the stock AMD cooler and fan is running @ 2250 rpms. My gamer case has 5x80mm fans also, running at low speed.

    If your cpu is not bad, then I would suspect poor airflow thru your case, or poorly mounted heatsink.

    Also, check your vcore as it it should be less than 1.30v. My bios improperly set my vcore at 1.324 per pcprobe and speedfan without overclocking. This caused my temps to vary wildly under mild load. The only way that I could LOWER my vcore was to turn on oc in bios, go figure!

    By the way, I've had similar results with Prime95, reached 61C after only 4 minutes! This seems to indicate that vcore needs to be lowered below 1.30v, which my bios does not allow. Since my applications do not stress the cpu, I'm just going to monitor temps, and wait for a bios update to address this issue. Good luck!
  10. I have the same problem. My new phenom 9950 seems to be running much warmer than it should. This morning I was alarmed to find it running at 68 degrees, so I took off the cooler and reapplied Arctic Silver. After that, it idles at 55 degrees and runs around 60 degrees under load. I am using the stock cooler. I am not overclocking it at all.

    Should I be worried about this? I wanted to buy a fan for it, but I have already spent much more on my system than I wanted to. If it is running dangerously hot, then I will consider purchasing it anyway. I was looking at

    If I don't overclock it, will this be okay? Should I go ahead and buy cooler for it?

    Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

    My system specs:
    CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9950 BE 2.6 GHZ
    RAM: G.Skill DDR2 2GB 1066
    MOBO: Asus M3A79-T Deluxe
    OS: Windows XP 64 SP2
    PSU: ABS Tagen BZ 700W
    GPU:ATI Radeon HD4870 512MB
    -Catalyst Version: 08.12

  11. ^
    I'd suggest going ahead and buying an aftermarket cooler. Even if you don't overclock an aftermarket cooler will usually be quieter than the stock cooler due to lower fan speeds. Make sure that you buy a cooler that will work well with your motherboard and case configuration with respect to airflow. Some coolers (like the Xigmatek) will have heatsink arranged such that the fan will be blowing towards the top of the case. This is all well and good if you have an exhaust fan in the top of your case, but many cases don't have this.
  12. Well, I went ahead a bought the Xigmatek HDT S-1283. Hopefully it will work in my case.

    How does it blow towards the top of the case? What is the orientation of the fan? Never mind, I see.

    My power supply has a really big fan on its underside, and I have a fan on the rear of my case and the side... Hopefully that will be enough.

  13. blow it towards the back :) you might have to take the side fan off though... (and i would recommend it whether you have to or not :D)
  14. V3NOM:

    Doesn't look like I can blow it toward the back because of the clips AMD processors use. I believe it will only be able to blow up or down.

    At this point, I am sort of worried about it hitting the massive heatsink on my mother board. I guess I will have to work with that when I get it
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