[Water Cooling] How is my setup ??

Hi ppl, I am new to water cooling so this is my first venture and have spent the last week reviewing guides etc.. and think i have a good system in mind but i want opinions of more experianced users.

Basics system:
Pump - Swiftech Laing D5 Vario MCP655 12V DC Pump
GPU - EK HD 5850 Acrylic Full Cover VGA Water Block
NB - Swiftech MCW30 Chipset Waterblock
Rad - Black Ice GT Stealth 360 XFlow Radiator
Res - EK Multioption Reservoir 250 Rev.2

CPU - Heatkiller CPU Waterblock Revision 3 LC (Socket 754/939/AM2/AM3)
CPU - EK Supreme i7 Clear Top (Socket A,754,939,AM2,478,LGA775,LGA1156 & LGA1366) CPU Water Block
Which one? Maybe final decision when I get the Mobo MSI 790FX-GD70 due to possible size restrictions.

I am going to be using Tygon 1/2" clear Tubing and Thermochill EC6 Non Conductive Coolant.
Do I only use the coolant or do i need to add distilled water still?

Correct me if im wrong here, starting from the reservoir.
Tube connected to the pump, which then outtube goes to the CPU/GPU, then it comes to the radiator then back to the reservoir.

How effective/less effective would it be if i split the tube after the pump to split the tube 1 going to the CPU then NB and the other going to the gpu and possible HDD, then the reunite to 1 tube back to rad. Will this be ok??

If i have missed anything can you let me know.
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  1. 1. Ditch the coolant. Get some Kill Coils or PTNuke.

    2. What CPU? Depending on your CPU and it's OC a 360 rad may not be enough.

    3. Why the chipset block?

    4. Good pump and block choice. +1 for Tygon.
  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. not needed
    4. Yes

    Don't split flow. Looks like you need to read more. How many loops have you researched that have split flow?

    Cooling the HD? For no performance gain and $100+ for quality cooling? Why?
  3. Mobo: MSI 790FX-GD70
    CPU: AMD PII X4 965BE (125w)
    Mem: OCZ 8x 2gb low volt 1333
    PSU 850 Corsair
    GFX: Ati 5850

    I was up and down about the chipset block as i was waiting for the board to arrive and see how it would have fitted. But i thought it would just carry excess heat inside the case away from the board. Also 90% of all the loops i have seen have one mounted. If it is not needed then i wont bother.

    The CPU i will OC gradually over a few days time untill i get to a point in the load temp i am not comftable with. Many say they can get it to 3.8 so ill try aim for that atm.

    HDD cooling was due to the fact i have 2xVoliciraptors and wanted to remove the heat elsewere in the case. Should i still get the HDD cooling?

    I have been looking at some extras like flow thingy and a tempature sensor but im am assuming they are just things u wouldnt need?
  4. Bah cant edit.

    I just had another brain wave and i dont see why i didnt notice before.
    I am using the Zalman GS1000 SE case to house this monster.

    On this case there is the standard 120mm fan on the back but it also has 2 optional 120 mm fans on the top of the case with airflow see image
    If i used a 240 rad there and a 120 rad on the back this will not only easly mount better but could it be used diffrently in the loop for example.

    Res - Pump - CPU - 120 Rad - GPU - (Any others) - 240 rad - Res

    Would this have a flow problem or anything I should worry about?
    More images of case: Review + Offical Site

    I was orginally going to put the 360rad below the hdd/cdrom at the front of the case but may find this to be counter productive witht he fact is should remove heat outside he case. So i was gonna mod it to mount on L brackets outside the case like a wing.

    Could you help me pickout a Coolant for me.
    Sites only: WatercoolingUK or Overlockers
  5. A 120 rad is not enough to cool the PII X4. Better go 220 for CPU. As for GPU, I'd say 320.
  6. So will this loop work by going to cpu then rad then gpu on the same loop.

    Res - Pump - CPU - 240 Rad - GPU - Misc - 360 Rad - Res
    Or would it be better to go
    Res - Pump - CPU - GPU - 240 rad - 360 rad - Res

    Im trying to think of GPU getting the coolest water it can as my last 2 systems on air idled GPU around 80c

    Would having anything in the loop at any time effect the performance or the rate?
  7. 5850 IDLE on air 80C? u better check if its not cus of really and i mean REALLY shitty air flow in the case. Its possible youll burn down Ram or PSU if its as bad as it seems since the 5870 (wich is faster) Normally gets like 60C on load!!
    Mayb its your ambient temp?
  8. I dont have the 5850 yet, thats what im planning getting.

    Current GPU ran at 80c idle but this morning I spent the better half of an hr taking it appart and cleaning it and now it runs at 66c.

    Current system is going to be passed onto sister so i thought ill clean the dust out before she gets it. As she dont use the pc that much for games.
  9. Quote:
    Res - Pump - CPU - 240 Rad - GPU - Misc - 360 Rad - Res

  10. Yes, def don't want to split the loop like Shadow and Conumdrum stated...you'd be better off with a single loop or moving to a double loop...but there is no reason to WC your HDD's...just get a good fan to blow over them.

    TBH...you don't need WC on your NB. It's really overkill in most situations, but if you have a heatsink only, I'd recommend adding a different HSF or just a fan before I would recommend a NB water block. I ran one for a few years and the only reasons being:

    1) looked cool
    2) couldn't find a decent NB fan I liked. Tried a couple, they didn't fit correctly.

    However, this was on an old ASUS P35 board. Most newer boards now have active HSF on their NB and/or NB/SB/MOSFET heatpipe cooling solutions.
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