First rig ever, $1000, please help me out!

Tell me what you think!

Asus P5Q Pro $140

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 $170

OCZ SLI-Ready Edition 2x2Gb $89-$35

BFG Tech 8800GT 512MB$150-$20

WD WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM $75 (-$40 combo with MB)

LG 20X DVD Burner $25

Microsoft Windows Vista $100

Already purchased, so not able to change:

Antec 900 $100

Corsair 620HX $155

Acer AL2216Wbd 22" $200

I've never built a computer before! So please, help me out. Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated.
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  1. All these components smell familiar, didn't you post this build recently? Don't make me search.

    Regardless, everything looks great...the 8800GT is the lowest of the high end these days, so keep that in mind other wise it is good for 1650x1050 and below on all but Crysis (which no one plays anyway).

    Vista? Buy it if you must, but install XP instead. And get a better HSF, with heat pipes and a big slow fan.
  2. definately look at a 4850 instead of the 8800gt, it'll give you much better bang for buck. It'll set you back about $160-170 after rebate, but will be worth every penny. This would be a good choice:
  3. Looks good.

    +1 for faster graphics card.

    - Check you can't find an E8500 for $10-20 extra.

    - You didn't mention what motherboard this is based on?

  4. Check out the Western Digital 640 GB or Seagate 640 GB (both only 2 platter) HDD - better performance and price per GB.

    Another +1 for a better GPU - you can get a 9800 GT (I know rebadged 8800 GT) for cheaper than that if you want to stay at that level.

    You may want to read the P45 shootout on toms to check out a lot of P45s compared.
  5. well the monitor kicks @$$ i got the same one. Why are u gonna get a xfire mobos and then get a nvidia card? unless it supports sli which im 99.9% sure it doesnt. When i build i go for maximum future proof and maximum upgradeable. Why not get a mobos with ddr3 memory? i heard tat the intel i7 will only support ddr3. ddr3 is fairly cheap nowadays, atleast 4 the slow ones...I wouldnt settle for anything less then a 4850, or if u change your mind and get a sli mobos get the 9800gx2, their hella cheap now.
  6. I realize the 8800GT is a major weak point in my setup, but my biggest concern is $$ and the 8800GT are getting really cheap now with the 4850/4870.
    Is the extra $30 for a 4850 really worth? Let me know!
  7. 1) Yes it is worth $30

    2) U can get that Antec case with the Signature 650 for $240. Its cheaper together, get an extra useless 30 watts and the Signature is an amazing power supply. Corsair is great too, but the Signature is slightly better
  8. Ok ok, convinced. Instead of the 8800GT, I'll get:
    ASUS EAH4850 $183-$30

    So then everything is pretty much sound?
  9. I would get the Corsair 750w tx powersupply instead, 30 bucks cheaper more wattage, and better amps on one 12v rail.
  10. For the version of windows vista, will it come with SP1? If not, how do I get it? Does it cost money?
  11. mark $ said:
    I would get the Corsair 750w tx powersupply instead, 30 bucks cheaper more wattage, and better amps on one 12v rail.

    He already got a psu you piece - read his question.

    Yeah, windows should come with SP1 if you buy it now - if not, you can download it. BTW, 4850 are good - stick with the crossfire mobo aswell.
  12. lol, thanks.
  13. haha ur thinkin of my thread its pretty much the same build but i have the 4850 and e8500 :D
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