Remove write protection from cds on XP

I took photo's at Christmas with a digital camera, I inserted the card to transfer to my computer, transfer completed, however, when I attempted to open a separate folder to organize photo's I recieved a message that I could not open a folder because of write protection, how can I remove this protection?
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  1. Where are you trying to create the new folder? Don't mess with the card that came from the camera, you want to organize the images on your computer. And why did you put CDs in the post title? Is this a CD you are talking about or a flash storage card?
  2. I have the same problem. They are blank CD's I bought (cnew from COSTCO). All are 700MB CD-R.
    I want to copy photos onto them to store, but it keeps saying that I need to REMOVE WRITE-PROTECTION in order to copy onto the blank CD's. I'd greatly appreciate assistance. Thanks!
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