Acer erecovery error :(

Hi, firstly I would like to apologize for my bad english.i hope that you will understand me. about a week ago i installed on my Aspire 7220 win7. but about two or three days ago when I tried to turn on the computer. when booting, the computer began to run eRecovery(i dont pressed alt+f10). I checked setup but the first boot sequence was set hard disk, as always. I turned off the D2D recovery and rebooted my computer. but nothing happened, eRecovery began to run again .... I decided to reinstall windows. in the setup, I set boot from cd in the drive and put win XP installation CD in. and again, I restarted the computer, but it began to run eRecovery. After a while of trying, I found that I can set as boot anything, nothing will respond and always starts eRecovery: (

I also tried to run safe mode (F8 during boot i mean). But every time the computer completes POST, it will again start that damn eRecovery.

I also tried to turn on the boot menu at startup (F12). but it offers only hard drive and LAN boot. if I choose harddrive, eRecovery runs, and if I choose LAN starts .... guess what ...

I would appreciate any help, thanks:(
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  1. Hmmmm... I would suggest you contact Acer for assistance, if you're still covered by warranty. If not however, may I suggest resetting the CMOS? The instructions should be in the manual.
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