Cat 8.9 breaks Fan Speed fix in profiles...

Looks like ATI no longer reads the Fan Speed fix values in the Profiles.xml files.

Tried creating new profiles via CCC and edited them, still no go.

See a few others have reported this problem, anyone come up with a fix for the fix in 8.9 drivers?
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  1. When you install the new drivers CCC defaults back to "locked". You need to go unlock the padlock thingy again; did you? This was the only step I needed to do re-enable my fan profiles after going to 8.9.
  2. ^same here when I installed 8.8 (havent done 8.9 yet)...all you have to do is unlock the padlock and you're good to go...
  3. Thats always been the case, same whn I had my 1900, it comes locked
  4. Oh forgot the old overdrive paddlock, dooh!
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