Random hang of the system


i need some help.
My system randomly hangs for about 7 seconds. Sound and picture stop and then go on as nothing happened. Sometimes the sound stays on a buzz. Or the system does the things it was supposed to do in those seconds.
It happens complete random. During windows/internet/gaming/movies. Doesn't matter.

System info:
AS Rock 939NF6G-VSTA
AMD Athlon FX-53
2GB Corsair memory.
WD 250Gb HDD WD2500KS
NVidia Geforce 8800GT 1Gb Asus
Plextor PX-116
Plextor PX-712 writer
Antec Truepower 550

Because of this prblem in the gone year, already the following has been replaced.
Motherboard. used to be Asus A8V
Graphics Card. Used to be Asus AX800
PSU. also Antec
Memory. also corsair

as you can see almost everything.
Now they tell me it can't be the processor.
Anybody any ideas??

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  1. Did you reformat the drive and install XP fresh?

    If your processor was overheating it would throttle down and might temporarily hang your system.

    This certainly sounds like a software issue though.
  2. Check CPU usage at idle (Ctrl-Alt-Del)

    Run a memory test with memtest86+.
  3. Windows installed new several times. Drives formatted. No effect.

    CPU idle: no usage.
    Temp. of the processor not above 50 degrees Celcius.

    When it comes out of the stall it quickly says 100% cpu usage and then goes back.
    When i look at the processes there are no processes using the processor at that time.

    Memory tested several times. No problems.
    Tried Prime95 to test processor and stuff. No problem there. Well it stalls during some tests, but the program doesn't regonaize a problem.


  4. Sorry,

    I have no more guesses, or perhaps too many guesses. CPU, rootkit, bad power source (at the wall), I dunno.
  5. Too bad.

    Thanks anyway
  6. I will say this. The last time I saw behavior like that the system had serious undetectable malware on it.

    I replaced the hard drive and used the infected drive as a paper weight. A few years later I came back to it and was able to recover some photos and such.
  7. I returned the system to the builder. For the third time. See what/if they find something this time
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