NVIDIA GTX 260 Core 216

Well, well NVIDIA strikes back. Good! More competion is good. Now we have to see, when they can go to cheaper production cost node.
But like they say in Anandtech name: GTX 265 would have been better name...

GTX 260 Core 216 : GTX 260
SPs 216 : 192
textures 80 / 80 : 64 / 64
ROPs 28 : 28
and so on... same clocks for both etc.

So it's not big surprice that old and new 260 are guite the same.


More review links would be helpfull! Anandtech have factory owerclocked version in their test.
And on alternate oc 4870... http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=9321&Itemid=40
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  1. Yeah, I was hoping for a die shrink. Much like with the 9800gtx. While it's still a nice card, the reviews I have read give it a lukewarm reception. I have been thinking personally of upgrading to a 260. I am now hoping to catch the tail end of the stock on the 192 shader model for CHEAP. Good luck to me and much happiness to those that buy the 216 model!!
  2. It cost $300+, compared to original gtx260, which is now near $200. Is that slight bit of performance difference really worth the extra? :sarcastic:
  3. Doesn't look like it. Seems to have lower overclocking headroom, and even without, it's only 5-10% more frames. Just flooding the market.
  4. Very true. The difference seems to be guite small, but It would be nice to see other reviews to confirm what Anandtech have found out.

    The situation was guite same when 8800 was out with so many different versions. The normal 8800 GT had best price / performance ration.
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