Old harddisk, new system

So im upgrading my friends system, but i will keep some parts, will it run with the old harddisk?


PSU - shouldnt be an issue

RAM - shouldnt be an issue either

Motherboard (P45-DS3L)- upgrading from some old amd

CPU (E8500)- also upgrading from some old amd

I will be reusing the rest of the parts, graphics card, case, drives and harddisk.

My concern is, will it run properly on the old harddisk with the new motherboard and cpu?
I will ofc install new drivers, but do you know if it will work properly?
Can i maybe make a new partition with partition magic so i keep the old data while reinstalling windows?

Im just asking for some advice before im gonna do it.
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  1. Depends on how old your harddrive is. The UDMA-100/133 IDE drives will do just fine.

    Keep in mind that those new motherboards only have one IDE connector. Which means that you have room for only two IDE devices.

    Burn your data to a DVD or something, so you can just wipe the drive, and start from scratch.
  2. It would help if we had some data on the old hard drive.
    Odds are that it will work fine, though.
    You should backup your data before trying to reinstall windows.
    There is always a chance that something bad will happen and your drive will be wiped.
  3. It will work, but take an IDE port as said. If you have a lot of data on the old HD that you want to keep, I would get a cheap SATA drive, and use the old drive as a slave. The WD5000AAKS 500GB is a good one.
  4. Ok to clarify things:

    I will take backup of the data anyway, but i dont have a new windows to install so thats why im hesitating with that

    Its a 2-3 year old ide drive (dont have it with me atm so cant give more info), but im not worrying about the drive itself, more about conflicts with old drivers etc.
  5. You should always back up data before upgrading PC. Theres a 99% chance that u will end up reinstalling windows after a major change such as Motheboard and CPU because windows won't boot. I would recomend you do as Zorg told you

    Posting system spec would help too ;)
  6. You will probably need to load the OS.
  7. your most likely going to have to reformat because of old drivers and such...especially switching from AMD to Intel...

    We decided to upgrade everything except for the dvd drive and the harddisk.

    I kept the old install and made a new partition on the disk, and installed fresh windows xp pro on that. I was wrong about the disk, it was a newer sata drive.

    It all works perfectly now, and just to test it, i booted on the old partition and that one worked aswell, so i guess it wasnt needed to make a fresh install, but atleast were on the safe side then.
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