Computer not working properly. Suspect being the PSU or the UPS

Hi, i have had a problem with my computer for some time now. SHortly after i bought it i got this episodes where the monitor wouldn't start and i had to restart a few times. I figured, since my gfx card only has dvi, that it could be because of the vga-dvi adapter. I month ago i bought a new monitor, and the problem persisted, or got even worse, with the image blinking sometimes. When the monitor doesn't turn on, so doesn't the led on my mouse wheel, so i figured it could be some psu problems. Both the compter and monitor are connected to the UPS.

System specs:

Intel core duo E6750 2,66 Ghz
Motherboard gigabyte EP45-DS3R intelP35 SK775
2x 1 gb DDR 2 RAM
PSU LCPower 550W Silent Giant 140mm
UPS Mustek 600VA

After testing, i got this temperatures and voltages:

CPU: 38ºC
GPU: 42 ºC
SYS: 32 ºC
AUX: 32ºC

CPU Fan: 741 RPM
Sys Fan: 0 RPM
AUX fan: 0 RPM

VcoreA: 1,33 V
VcoreB: 1,89 V
+3,3V: 3,38V
+5V: 5V
+12V: 12V
+5VSB: 5,19 V
+VBAT: 3,3 V

There's a catch. When i bought the psu, i had a car crash, and the psu case got slighly beaten (but just a little bit).
Any thoughts?
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  1. When you say the monitor won't start do you mean that the computer will post but nothing will display on the screen? Or will the computer not post at all?

    Have you tried to disconnect all your cables and then make sure they are all securely fastened properly? If you got in a car accident who knows what might have came loose.

    If the problem persists i'd try swapping out the video card if you have another one you can put in.

    I'm not an expert when it comes to Vcore but why is one 1.33 and the other through the roof at 1.89, do these figures directly represent Core 1 and Core 2 of the CPU? If so then you have a serious problem with the chip also but I don't see how this would directly affect the monitor, unless you answer my first question that the comp isn't posting when the monitor doesn't come on.
  2. What do you mean by "the computer will post"? (sorry, english is not my native language).

    i don't understand anything about voltages, i just posted because i figures someone else might.

    I bought the video card about 2 weeks after the rest, at the beginning i had a 6600gt and i'm almost sure it never happened, (that's why i thought it was because of the adapter, because the 6600 has a vga input) but i might be wrong.

    Is the ups power enough? It was the cheapest i found.
  3. Unplug all the components from the UPS and see if the problem persists.
  4. it persists. Not the UPS fault
  5. your psu is the problem get it repaired or change it
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