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Hello, I just noticed that Gigabyte released the GV-R485MC-1GH which is a 4850 with 1GB ram and silent cooling as well. Does anyone know how it performs? I havent found any reviews of it.

Here are my thoughts. I used to have ATi cards but a little over a year ago I switched to 8800 Ultra. That card rocks but it's a little loud at times. So I am wondering if I should get the 4850 1GB silent card and put two of them in Crossfire.

Has anyone used that specific type in Crossfire? I have never used CF so I dont know how it actually works and if it actually benefits any games?

Will 2x4850 beat my 8800 Ultra just barely or totally own it (I have 30" monitor using 2560x1600)?

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  1. The 1GB should help in that resolution and it would be a good upgrade, you'll definitly see a difference
  2. Yeah thats what I've been thinking. Unfortunately I havent seen any review out yet for that particular gpu. The only concern I have is the drivers, been seeing alot of threads here and there about problems with ATi cards. :)
  3. Put those cards in your PC, and not only the graphics cards but whole PC will burn, and wait till the next summer.
  4. Kick up the fan speed and you won't have a problem. AMD set the fan speed low so that the cards would be silent.
  5. At that resolution? It'll defintely be a lot better than your 8800 Ultra (assuming they fixed driver problems with CF). Personally I'd get 4870x2 or 4870 CF for that resolution, but then you probably don't want to spend that much money.

    Regarding the heat dissipation, you'll need to set the fan speed on the 4850's like what Blackwidow said. If your case has pretty good airflow, then your system should be fine.

    In addition, if you are planning to do CF, make sure your PSU can supply enough power for the whole system under full load.
  6. The card his talking about doesn't have a fan.

    I wouldn't trust it very much. I would get this card instead.

    Don't get the overclock version of this card. You can overclock it yourself, but if you want to keep your warranty get the overclock version.
  7. OH!

    Okay, if you're going to go with fanless video cards, you REALLY need good air ventilation in your computer case (, was talking about passively cooled 8800GT but the same idea applies to any passively cooled video cards).
  8. It will work like a 4850 with a gig of ram.
  9. Honestly, if you don't know much about it make sure that you have a mobo that actually supports crossfire. Next, at that price range I'd almost be willing to fork out the extra 60 bucks or so per card to go with 4870s or I'd go down to cheaper 4850s.

    What kind of case do you have? How are your fans rigged? Unless you have fans that can push the heat those things are going to generate out of the case you're going to have problems. Especially in a small case. HIS makes a card with exhaust (but I think they have a stock OC) but you have to deal with the size and noise.

    Overall those Gigabyte cards will be fine as long as you have the ventilation, if you don't have the ventilation just put up with the noise.
  10. Well, actually one 4850 should be pretty close/equal to a 8800GTX ultra, beating it sometimes and losing others. Two should own it pretty well. The question is whether or not a fanless cooling solution would work for a crossfire setup. I'm doubting it, as we're talking a lot of heat being put out by both of those cards together. You can always try though ;)

    An HD 4870 would handily beat the Ultra, see if you can find a fanless version of that (if one even exists).
  11. I have the Antec P180 case with the standard fan setup and my mobo is Gigabyte X38-DQ6.
  12. How much money are you looking to spend would be my question?
  13. Well, in Iceland where I live one 4850 1GB fanless card costs about 295.799 USD where the 4870x2 costs 713.657 USD. The 4870x2 is kind of out of the question since it's way too noisy.

    I dont want to spend more than $450-$550 on this.
  14. "Well, actually one 4850 should be pretty close/equal to a 8800GTX ultra, beating it sometimes and losing others."

    That might be true but you're missing the point. At that resolution you couldn't run just one 4850 and have good performance. He needs to be on crossfire or SLI if he plays any games or wants to play them at that resolution in the next year or so.
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