Does cool and quiet work with overclocking? how to overclock?

tried it out, doesn't seem to work properly. any fixes?

btw, how to overclock with amd cpus? got a link to a good resource? is HT the same as FSB? etc
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  1. specs?
  2. oops, i 4got

    asus m3a78-em
    athlon ii x3 425
    4gb corsair ram
  3. Well, generally the rule with overclocking and cool and quiet is that you would turn it off before hand. Unfortunately it's been awhile since I've OC'd anything but a black edition. So you can check out this if you want:,2452-4.html
    Did you get yourself an aftermarket heatsink and fan or are you using the stock?
  4. im on stock HSF

    i would rather undervolt the CPU but my mobo doesnt seem to have the option (or i can;t find it)

    so i want to underclock it instead, but it is conflicting with CnQ. the CPU wont' automatically change to underclock the CPU when idle in windows. so the CPU ends up using more watts instead.....
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