building new system: wat cpu: q9300 or q6600 or E8400


So So! I’m planning on building system in January (cheap post-christmas prices me hopes :D). but im not sure what processor I should get, (I’ve picked all my other components). The definitely going with Intel cos there killing AMD with performance atm. So the three within the price band are the Q9300 (£145), Q6600(£148) and E8400(£145). My other issue is overclocking. I’d like to overclock, but its my first time doing it so im not sure wat exactly to look for in a processor and mother board? And wat PSU spec I’ll need?

I plan to use the computer for games like: COD4 and Company hero’s etc.. as well as day to day stuff internet, word processing etc. (a fair bit of multi-tasking). So was wonder which one os these CPUs you guys would recommend? or whether its worth strechin an extra £20 for higher specs?

The components I plan to buy:
Processor: ??????
• mother board: Asus P5QL Pro LGA775 (£58.74) or Asus PSQ LGA775 (for better over clocking I’m told) (£65.51)
• graphics card: PNY 8800GTS (£99.99)
• RAM: ddr2: 3gb (3x1gb) Cucial Ballistix PC2-8500 (1066mhz)(£65.77)
• PSU 500w and ATX form (£29.91)
• hard drive: 250GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache IDE (£34.65)

Cheers guys!
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  1. why do you have 3 X ram sticks? it should be 2 or 4 for the 775 socket
  2. personaly I would go with a Q9300 quad core since more and more games support quads but the E8400 would currently perform far better.

    I would not go with a Q6600 because I don,t overclock and want a cpu that is not going to cost me a fortune on the power bill.
  3. I was just going over the rest of your parts closely do you already have those parts or not? because why would you otherwise wanna get an outdated IDE hard drive while you could get a SATAII and 16mb /32mb Cache.
    and why a 8800GTS while you could get a 9800GT that performs slightly better but is alot more power efficient. or if you could stretch the budget a ATI HD4850

    And make sure you have a good brand psu.
  4. 3gb or ram becuase 32bit can only take up to 4gb. and the Graphic card take 512mb so there only 3.5 left and the brnad of ram only coms in 1gb&2gb sticks
  5. srry.... for got to put up the other hard drive. im getting a:

    500GB Seagate ST3500320AS Barracuda 7200.11 SATA II 7200 rpm 32MB Cache 8.5 ms NCQ Hard Drive

    as well.
  6. the 512mb version of the 8800gts (which is the one im getting has exactly the same specs as the 9800gt apart the clock speed which is faster on the 8800gts 512mb. did my research on that one :D.

    thxs for the tip on the ati card im checkin it out now :P
  7. With more games supporting quad, it's the way to go over dual if you want your system to last a while. Q6600 (9x multiplier, 8mb cache) is slightly faster than q9300 (7.5x multiplier, 6mb cache) in gaming at stock, far faster when both cpus are overclocked to their respective limits.

    8800gts (g92 with 128 sp, 650mhz) is 15-20% faster than 8800gt/9800gt (g92, 112 sp, 600mhz) depending on game.

    9800gt is renamed 8800gt.
    9800gtx is renamed 8800gts.
  8. some more options on the processors would b great....
  9. thxs dagger!
  10. that ATI card is almost exactly the same and £20 more exspensive than the
  11. thepigeon said:
    that ATI card is almost exactly the same and £20 more exspensive than the

    What ATI card?
  12. the HD4850 which the guy above u mentioned. dont think i much like it...
  13. thepigeon said:
    the HD4850 which the guy above u mentioned. dont think i much like it...

    Hd4850 is a fine card. Perform about the same as 9800gtx.
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