Setting up an WiFi Access Point....?

I have an AT&T DSL line and want to allow my neighbor to share the connection via a wireless router (linksys or dlink). Can anyone recommend an outdoor antenna or router?
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  1. Well, before buying any additional antenna, I would buy a quality router. Set up the router in your house with max broadcast signal (normally the standard setting) and see what kind of conneciton your neighbor gets. I live in a city area, and I can tell you it is easy to share connections without any additional amplification. So you may save yourself some cash by setting up the router first. As for routers, I can recommend a few if you tell me your price range.
  2. What is the distance involved?
    I shared with my neighbor across the street from me using a Linksys WRT150N.
    He had 85% signal strength.
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