The Pink Screen Crash!

Hey guys im having serious problems with my new computer

Intel Dual Core E8500 @ 3.16 ghz, 3.17 ghz
2g Ram
Windows Xp SP3
500 HD
Nvidia Geforce Bfg 8800 GT 512 Mb with the latest Driver
Asus P5k-Vm Mother board with the latest bios
400 W Power Supply

While playing game like Counter strike Source, Teamfortress 2 Or warhammer Online, sometime after couple seconde , minute or even hour my Screen Turn Pink and i cant do anything excep manually close my computer.

This is my temp on idle from SpeedFan

System: 41c
Core: 44c
Ambient :36c

i decide to open my case and put a huge fan right in front of my computer , my core temp went around 40 on idle but soon as i play a game its goes pretty fast around 55c

U guys have any solution For me?
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  1. What brand is your power supply, and how many amps are on it's 12v rail. 400 watts is pretty weak if it's not a good brand, could be causing issues.
  2. Yup you better check that PSU, if the amps are bad, you need a new PSU.
  3. If you do get another PSU, which you probably should, I just saw this killer deal. The PSU is much larger than you need, but this deal is awesome and it will carry you through multiple upgrades.

    PC Power & Cooling S75QB 750W, it's only $96.00 till 9/26 if you use the promo code PCPC20 shown on the top of the page in red.
  4. You didn't mention your video card temp. It sounds like it may be overheating possibly. The reason I say that is your processor temps seem quite high. Hows the air flow in your case?
    Could be the power supply too, 400 watts may seem like enough power, but it really depends on the quality of the unit. Need to check how many amps on your 12v rail.
    That pcp&c unit zorg mentioned is an excellent power supply.
    I have a Antec 650 with my 8800gt, but I have an overclocked system with power needs. You can get pretty good deals on 500 watt power supplies from reputable suppliers in the 50-75 dollar range, that should be enough power unless you plan to upgrade to sli. Then go for 600 watts and above.
  5. It Look Like a CPU Overheating Probleme, my cpu fan was running around 800 rpm i boost it with speed fan at 1800 rpm and i dont have much probleme but still id like too boost the fan on the side of my case iff anyone can help me with this
  6. I was wrong...TOTALLY WRONG my cpu aint doing nothing to do with the crash... look like its my psu,well hope so caus im getting tired of changing part in my brand new computer. U guy's have any idea how can i fix my under powered Psu,is there something to do excep changing it?
  7. You have to get a new one. That's the only way. A power supply isn't something you should get cheap on to save money, it's arguably the most important part of your PC. Pick a good one.
  8. Id just receive a new psu that someone gave me its a Thermal TAke tr2-430W hope its gonna help me a lil by the time that i go buy a more powerfull one
  9. How much W u guys recommend me?
  10. pinelpwnyou said:
    How much W u guys recommend me?

    recommend you for what, knighthood, an oscar, dad of the year, please tell me i wont to know
  11. what psu should i get ? how much watt i need to run my pc correctly with out crash or anything
  12. That thermaltake should be perfect for you. 430 watts is more than enough for your system, gl!
  13. To tell you the truth man, its probably a p;roblem with steam.. Try reinstalling it and see what happens. Steam is bad.. Lol but I play css. Im addicted
  14. Im not only having problem in steam but in Need For Speed Carbon And Warhammer Online too-_-

    and no 430w is not enough still crashing every time

    btw sry for my english im french canadian still trying too perfect my english!^^
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