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i have my current HD with everything on it. but i was wondering if i could have another HD and transfer all my program files onto it. and have them running at once. so i can easily transfer stuff from one to another.

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  1. ehm depends on it what kind of pc, laptop, netbook you're currently using.

    for a pc its easy you can insert a new HDD (SCSI, IDE, SATA(, RAID)) and transfer the files.
    a laptop can have multiple hdd's but most will need a pc-card for that to use them
    netbooks on the other hand have only space for 1 hdd but if you have a USB-HDD u can connect it with every typ of computer system.

    if you have a OS system its as simple as select and drag the files to the other HDD.

    see what u can do with this information.
  2. You can certainly transfer data between two hard drives, but let's try to better understand what you are asking...

    Are you trying to transfer program files, so you can use the new hard drive in place of the old one? If it's a Windows PC, the registry will be not be so accomodating. You'd be better off transferring data and reinstalling programs if that were the case.

    We can probably help even more if you give a little more detailed info.
  3. Yes, you can transfer data, but you cannot transfer installed programs.
  4. ye i thought the other HD would just pop up in "my computer" but is not :S
  5. Look at the drive using "Disk Manager" (right-click "My Computer", select "Manage", click on "Disk Management" in the left-hand pane).

    Does your disk show up as a numbered drive (i.e., "Disk 1")? If so, does it have a partition listed to the right of the disk number showing a drive letter? It not, then you need to create a partition and format it by right-clicking in the empty space to the right of the drive and choosing "Create Volume..." (or maybe it's "New Volume...")
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