Ssd sata I vs hdd sata II

So I've come across these cheap solid state 16gb drives that I'm think of using for my OS. I was going to put two in a raid 0.

Scandisk SATA 5000
They're old sata I (1.5gb/s)

I'm unsure if these would be faster than two caviar blacks (raid 0).
sata II (3gb/s) of course

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  1. The big advantage of SSD isn't their transfer rate, it's their very fast access time. They'll have just as fast an access time whether they're sata I or II.
  2. So in that sense, the fact that I'll be using them for the OS and maybe programs, I should benefit from using this setup?

    Thanks for any help
  3. I'm not familiar with the drives you mentioned, but it should help for booting and loading programs (assuming they're installed on the SSD).
  4. Cheap (older) SSDs can be used when u read alot, but i would avoid them if you do alot of writing too. If you only use it for the system drive and you don't reinstall/change stuff all that often, cheap SSDs will give you the benefits of quick booting and quick application launch, combined with the physical benefits of SSD: reliability, virtually no power consumption and virtually no heat/vibrations/sounds.

    So old SSDs can still be usable. Note that the actual speed of an SSD is determined by its controller; not the flash memory itself. Thus newer controllers can provide many times the performance of older SSDs especially at the areas of writing and more complicated I/O patterns. Also, older SSDs would lack TRIM; but usually because these older SSDs lack remapping writes this is no concern. These kind of SSDs will always be slow for writing; TRIM wouldnt have any effect on them.
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