4870 got smoked


I recently build myself a new system.

PSE5 WS pro
Core 2 8500
4 gig
Radeon 4870

Running in a cooler master mystique with a Hiper PSU of 750W.

It ran all great, cryis was going like a dream...
But today my computer just stopped working, i smelled something burning an checked inside the case...
I saw smoke coming from my 4870, after unplugging it the Mobo checked in with the beeps telling me no video.

I plugged in my 4870 but again my power failed and i even saw more smoke :cry:

My question is now...

If i would change the broken 4870 for a new one, will i get the same problem?
I mean is this related to my setup (Case? PSU?) or is just a faulty card.

I'm aware of the 4870 running hot, i checked the forum but i didn't see anyone with a problem like mine.
She was still running on drivers included with the card.
(the computer only ran for about 20 hours, played crysis and MOH with it)

Thx for the replies.

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  1. Get a replacement first.

    When the replacement arrives, install the card and stress test it while monitoring the GPU temperatures.

    Were the fans on the 4870 even working? Smoke coming out, lol.
  2. Yeah the fan worked alright...the ventback was pretty hot though!!!
  3. Noo, you let out the magic blue smoke :P

    seriously I think there was something wrong with the card, a short or something.
  4. Look at the broken card for burn marks. Are any visible?
    I would also be concerned about two other components - the motherboard and the PSU. The PSU could very well have been the problem to begin with - especially if you were drawing a little more than it was really equipped to handle. The motherboard probably wasn't the original problem (but who knows), though it's possible that the heat damaged the MB.
    Were I you (assuming you're not wealthy - if you are, replace all three and donate the possibly broken parts (MB + PSU) on craigslist), I would find a cheap video card - maybe borrow one from a friend. Something either old or low end, so that if it busts you won't mind replacing it. If everything's fine with it, replace your 4870 and move on (and maybe look into improving your cases airflow or at the least consider a replacement heatsink that's a little bigger). If it doesn't work, I'd first replace the power supply, then the motherboard. If it burns out the cheap card, be glad you burned out a cheap card instead of another 4870.
  5. Good ideas, mattc.
  6. Look for damage.

    It honestly looks like a bad card, That said, this happens sometimes.

    RMA and cross your fingers, i have been running a 4870 and folding + gaming on it since it came out. No smoke to report here yet.

    I still have to agree with mattc, If the psu did not hold up its end of the bargain, all will be lost. 750 is WAY more then enough(i rarely pull over 350 from the wall with my full system), but if the psu is defective and its own built in protection does not work then this can happen too.

    My 4870 runs about 81-85 while folding/gaming.
  7. And it may not be a bad idea if the card was running that hot, put a pci slot cooler fan under it to help draw some of the heat out the back of your case.
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