GeForce GTX 280+ (GT200-b) in September? GTX 350 (GT300) in Q4 08?

According to AustinComputers in Austrailia, it looks like Nvidia is rolling out its 55nm GTX 280 (supposedly called GTX 280+) this month. Additionally, a GTX 350 is expected within the close of the year, featuring 2GB of GDDR5 on the same 512-bit bus. If this product page is correct, this new card could easily be a beast! :eek:

I stumbled upon a Hardspell article written July 18, 2008 that speaks of a GTX 350 engineering sample with the same specs as listed above: - NVIDIA GTX 350 ES version is ready and the specs revealed?!

We got to know the related news but we are not so sure about this:

GT300 core
55nm technology
DDR5 2GB memory, doubled GTX280
480SP doubled GTX280
Grating operation units are 64 the same with GTX280
216G bandwidth
Default 830/2075/3360MHZ
Pixel filling 36.3G pixels/s
Texture filling 84.4Gpixels/s
Cannot support D10.1 .10.0/SM4.0
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  1. or another flop lol We'll have to wait and see.
  2. Lol a gtx 350 for like ummm $799? XD

    I hope Ati comes up with something and we will see price drops again like when 280gtx came out.
  3. I'm hoping that a 280 GX2 comes out, that would be pretty awesome :) lol maybe then we can do Crysis properly:p
  4. this like all cards have the possibility to become the next 2900xt.

    on paper this card was a beast, but in BENCHMARKS " no futuremark doesnt count" this card fell short.

    only time will tell.
  5. lol ati 5000 series activate! :D
  6. I don't think a 280GX2 would be possible. You'd need a fusion reactor to Quad SLI that beast. Plus, it'd be in the $900 dollar range, if the 280GTX is any indication. Though it would be pretty sick to see a computer worth more than some new cars play Crysis.
  7. well the GX2 consumes almost 100 watts more than the 9800 GTX at load. So lets see if I can run tri- 280 GTXs on a 1000 Watt PSU, then I don't see why a 1200 watt PSU can't do quad 280s.

    So, 100 wats (All of this is based on previous info of Nvidia, kinda like a Hypothesis, a logical guess) more than the 280 GX2.

    When the GTX came out it was 300$ and the GX2 was 500-600$.

    the 280 is 400$ now, so we'll assume its going to be 700-800$ give or take.

    Kinda of reminds me of the 800 Ultra age....

  8. I think it will go like this. We'll get the 55nm 280 GTX+ that will go back to the old 2.5 shader multiplier, maybe with a 650 core clock. It will be a bit closer to the 4870X2 and cheaper to make... but by then Ati will have the "Lil Dragon" ready at 40nm. So Ati may stay in the lead through x-mas. The real battle will be the 350 GTX or w/e they call it vs. the 5870X2. The only thing that may take the crown from ati sooner is if nvidia makes a 55nm GX2 based on two 260 GTX cores. At 55nm it should be possible, and it may beat the 4870X2.
  9. the 260 GTX struggles with the 4870 alone, the only way Nvidia would gain some territory would be if they made a single GPU that beats out the 4870 X2 and costs around the same, or atleast creates a GX2 that matches or kills the 4870 X2 for a lower price.

    Either way I don't care who is number 1 as long as I can get a high end graphics card for around 300-500$ no more:)
  10. A GX2 card with a 200 core, even at 55nm is still too costly to acually compete withe a 48x2. And ATI can afford to drop pricing on the x2 as well, plus theres always the matter of the side port. nVidia could do this, just to take the crown, but it wont be cheap. Besides, the harspell thing is crap, just look at the die size. It could end up maybe 10-20% faster than the 48x2, and cost more than 20% more, but it would be the fastest solution out. I agree, the 280+ may come in with the 2.5 shader multi, as thats the best thing that nVidia needs, and is as good a rumor as any of this. The 350 could include that 2.5 multi on a x2 card and do well, but, like I said, it wont come cheap
  11. well they already have the most powerful card on the market, even if they want to keep that trend, they should really consider lowering costs or aiming at the middle market, without ofcourse, being forced tehre

    and the rv870 is apparently a die shrink with added SP's... approx a 20% perform increase, but hey im not complaining.
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