Intel core2duo e4700 2.6 ghz settings

I recently purchased a e4700 intel core 2 duo 2.6 ghz cpu. I paired it with a d945gcnl motherboard. I do mostly web-surfing and photo and video editing. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if I am getting the most out of this pair. All settings are stock. Thanks.

These readings are from cpu-z

Core speed 1197.1mhz
multiplier x6.0
bus speed 199.5mhz
rated fsb 798.1mhz

Dram freq 332.5mhz
fsb:dram 3:5
Bank cycle time 21 clocks

running pc2-5300 (333mhz) kingston 2x1024

this ram is supposed to be compatible up to 667mhz
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  1. Its fine. The Cpu is downclocking because of speed step. Try running something CPU intensive and you will see it go up to 2600mhz.

    DDR2 667= 333x2. DDR2 is double pumped.
  2. Thanks
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