AMD Althon X2 250 Overclock

AMD Althon X2 250
Mobo: MA785GM-US2H

I have it overclocked to about 3.48 by upping my bus to 232 any higher and it becomes unstable even if I up the voltage. I've been keeping track of the temperature and it stays under 55 degrees C under a stress test which is well below AMD's safe temperature limit of 62C. So I guess my question is what's keeping it from overclocking higher and staying stable I've heard people have overclocked this CPU to 3.9 GHZ. What could cause my cpu with low temperatures to become unstable. It maybe worth noting that my memory is pretty cheap 667 could that do it?
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  1. OCing through the FSB (which you have to do without a BE chip) will raise your ram's frequencies at the same time. Your 667 ram may be limitation in OCing any further, but you can try dropping its multiplier lower, to keep the actual speed closer to its rating, in order to achieve a higher FSB, and thus, CPU speed.

    Short answer, yes, your memory could be limiting your OC.
  2. That makes sense I'll try it thanks. Also might be a good idea to get some ram when I have the money.
  3. Some 1066 rated ram running at 800mhz multiplier (4.00) would probably hold up well as high as you want to OC the CPU, if that is indeed what is causing your ceiling now.
  4. I put the multiplier at 14 and raised the FSB or HT to 250 for roughly the same clock speed. The system crashed almost instantly I had to remove the bios to get the computer to post. Anyway that to me (correct me if I'm wrong) says that Memory wasn't the problem and the FSB is. But if that's the case how are others getting it the 3.9 ghz the chip isn't even hot.
  5. Lower your Memory Multiplier with that high of a FSB. If still at stock 3.33 multiplier, then it will be running the memory at 833mhz, which for cheap 667 rated ram, would most likely cause a lockup, or not even post.

    FSB changes effect more than just the CPU itself. Increases in FSB also increase your HT link, your NB frequency and memory. When raising the FSB that much (25%) you have to lower your multipliers in the other areas to avoid instability.

    Lowering your memory multiplier
    HT link @ 1600
    NB @ x8

    But imo, your ram is most likely what is restricting your OC, and you might already have hit the ceiling with your current config.
  6. My motherboard says it OC's DDR2 to 1200 will my Althon II support that?
  7. Yup. 1200 is just higher rated 1066 ram, which is supported by AM2+/AM3 chips.
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