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For years I had a Fedora Core 3 Linux server running Samba as a domain controller. Recently, hardware issues took that system out of service, since it couldn't be upgraded to Fedora 13 (now 14).

The result of this was that my every day workstation, a Windows XP Pro system is now in a domain which no longer exists.

I have acquired another system to be used as a Samba server. However, that system will also be doing triple duty as a Windows 2008 practice server and a Windows 7 Pro workstation.

The problem which I currently face is that I wish to share the printer on the XP machine with the "server" when it's running Windows 7. Since it's physically impossible for Win7 and Linux/Samba to be running at the same time, there's no way to get security credentials to the XP domain client for the Win7 machine.

Is there a way for the Win7 machine to print to the printer on the XP machine without taking the XP machine out of the (now theoretical) domain and causing havoc in the profile structure of the XP machine?

I had considered installing Win7 on another drive in the XP machine, but until I'm 100% that everything I need to run is compatible with Win7, the XP machine has to ALWAYS be available.

Is there a way to print to (and share files on) the XP machine without going through XP profile hell... again?
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  1. I ended up using:

    net use \\<target_machine>\<printer> <password> user:<domain>\<user_on_target_pc>
  2. You can join the computer to another domain with 0 impact on anything.
  3. hang-the-9 said:
    You can join the computer to another domain with 0 impact on anything.

    For the time being, there isn't a domain. It died with the old server.

    Windows 7, Linux/Samba and (eventually) Server 2008 all reside on the same machine. Linux isn't running, there won't be a domain.

    I needed a way to print from the server when it's running Windows 7 instead of Linux. I found it.
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