Crysis Warhead Problems

E8500 @ 3.75 ghz
XFX 780i
700 w psu thermaltake
8GB of OCZ ram
1920 x 1020 reso
newest nvidia drivers
vista 64 sp 1 fully updated

My computer is running crysis warhead slower than that movie the Notebook....Suggestions?
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  1. Crysis is a demanding game. Best way to get more FPS is lowering the graphic settings (especially since you're playing at 1920*1200).
  2. Also, checking performance with some synthetic program (aka 3d mark) would help to spot any underlying problem.
    Also, disabling AA and AF would help a lot, and not be such a hit in visual at that res.

    Also, check in GPU-z if your X2 is using SLI mode (this suggestion could be dead wrong, i don't know too much about SLI)
  3. thats weird i play it on 1680x1050 with 4850 on high settings with playble 30~fps. also the resolution you play on could be the overkill for that game.
  4. I have GTX280 on Q6600@2.4 with 4GB DDR2@800. I play on 1920x1200 (24'') on "gamer" settings no AA. The FPS are playable but the game crashes after some time. The only pattern I saw (I played for just a few hours) was that the GPU temperature was 72 degrees Celsius... I increased the fan to 100% but still... problem persists.
    any idea?

  5. 72 degrees Celsius is pretty reasonable for that video card, it's not too hot. Doesn't seem like a overheating problem at first glance.

    What error does the game give when it crashes? More details?
  6. no errors... standard vista error pop up saying that the application stop responding... afterward is just a back screen (also the background is gone) but with taskbar...
    the driver is 177.98 I guess? (the lates beta). Also I had the same issue with the latest stable and WHQ-whatever certified driver...
    I don't know is it of any help, but I got the game through Steam...
  7. Now I will try (in fact when I get home) to check it when in DX9 mode... I'm curious if it happens there too...
  8. I forgot to mention in my previous post, that after the application crashed, the temp was 72 deg, but the nVidia panel had 84 deg. as max...
  9. Resolutions too high for a Crysis game. Turn down to 1280x1024, and everything will run great...
  10. :( I'll try that too... But won't go to 1280x1024 but rather to 1680x1050...
    it scales better on my monitor (Samsung T240)
  11. Yup...I stepped it down to 1280 x 1020 and it was still running like crap. Restarted the computer and got better performance out of it...Still not great but...whatever...It almost seems like there is a memory leak somewhere.
  12. Indeed looks like memory leak, but I guess it is driver issue?
    because I tried warhead on 8800GTS 512 and it was running without problems (of course @ lower resolution and in mainstream settings). :(
  13. Are you on enthusiast or gamer settings?

    I only spent about 1 hour with it so far so can't comment much. Win XP and 3.0GHz Q6600. No issues yet, but 19x12 all enthusiast is too much for my pair of 8800GT cards.

    With all on gamer, things are easily playable. The start of the game (cutscene where you first gain control) was chugging down near 20 fps, but quickly shot up over 40 fps after exiting that area.
  14. I let it auto detect and it went straight to enthusiast for everything. I can take it to gamer and it will still chug. I might just reinstall windows and start over lol
  15. gamer settings...
    and the actual scene where it crashes is the big resort on the beach.
  16. Reinstalled the game...not windows. Started it up in DX9 mode. Im getting 30 - 60 fps on enthusiast settings at 1280 x all is well in the land of Pizzle : )
  17. For me the problem was SP1.. few days ago I reinstalled my windows, so SP1 was not applied yet...
    after SP1, everything as it should be... :D
  18. 177.98 sucks really bad my fps droped in crysis by 3fps.
    Many ppl complained about drop in performance. 177.92 is a very good driver as of now.
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