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i have a western digital caviar SE. I go the hdd form a friend when i got it i installed it on my computer i messed around til i got it to format but shortly after in my bios it said that hdd is bad but i rebooted then it said the smarts were bad but now it dont say anything like that no more so i dont know what was up with that. after it was done with that it would still pick it up and format but now in the dev manager it says the partition is in a raw state and wont format to ntfs or fat please any help would be great
i have tried to use active kill but my bios wont load up the program at all it will boot from the disk but thats it please help me
ps i dont need any information off of my hdd so it dont matter if i have to format it without back-up
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  1. How old is the drive. It might just be best to junk it. If smart is saying its bad I wouldn't trust it. Hard drives are cheap today. I would just buy a new one and forget about it.
  2. it was from a 2009 compaq so its new
  3. my primary hdd for my computer have been saying that the smart have been bad for l5 years now and its still working real good
  4. Reseat all connections for the drive and repartition and format it. If it goes out on you again, junk it. It may just be a bad drive. You might try it in another computer and see if it has problems there. Also might try a new SATA cable.
  5. i know its not the sata cable i have used iton other hdds and i tried using the windows xp sp3 for reformating it but it own allow it no more i tried re writing the boot sector but its not allowing me to its saying it may be becasue of antivirus but all i have installed is windows defender which wont allow me to disable so if you have anything else that might help please other than that thanx for your help
  6. II repartioned the hdd and then i formated it with windows 7 disc and i tried booting up my computer and it wont boot without having the drivers on RAID and now the computer wont find it except in the bios and if you could direct me to a raid driver that i can download windows 7 isnt finding one to install from the updates/internet
  7. Check in the bios and turn off any raid controllers and see if it will work.
  8. Run the manufacturers drive test tool and see what it says; it's also a good idea to check the SMART data to see WHAT (if any) errors have been detected.
  9. i would sugest downloading and burning hdd regenerator if it wont format and run it make sure you dont interupt the process
    P.S. it does take serveral hours to do
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