Windows Defender with MSE & Malwarebytes?

I have a Toshiba laptop I'm cleaning up (it had way too much security on it). I want to install MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials, + Malwarebytes. My question is: Windows Defender is installed and active, should I leave it on? Or will Win Defender conflict with MSE and Malwarebytes? Thanks very much!
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  1. Defender is obsolete so cane it.

    less is better
  2. Thanks Emerald. What do you mean Defender is obsolete?
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    It is old and out of date. It is not needed with security essentials. Install Ccleaner as well and run that to help clean up redundant junk files and to clean your registry
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  5. Thanks for explaining now it makes more sense to me. I do use CCleaner and agree it is very good. Thanks to both of you for your answers.
  6. Thanks for the vote. Glad to help
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