can't turn on pc...please help!

I bought a new PSU bec. my cpu won't turn on, and when I connected the PSU it can;t turn on, the lit on the video card is green (on) but I can't turn on my pc the fan of the PSU neither. What you guys know about this? Is it possibly my motherboard? If its my motherboard then why is the light on my video card turns on?
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  1. anyone guys? please i need some help here..
  2. Some motherboards don't like certain power supplies. Try a different power supply.

    I say this because I've tried using a few seasonic power supplies with Asus motherboards and at least twice they wouldn't work together. Used an Antec instead.
  3. So your PC suddenly stopped turning on, and you purchased a new PSU in attempt to resolve this issue correct?

    As would be normal, check all your power connections and make sure everything on the motherboard, video card, etc is attached to power properly. It's easy to forget or overlook a connector. (such as the 24-pin motherboard power cable, and 4/8pin CPU power connector for some boards).

    If everything appears to be plugged in, start troubleshooting individual components. You may need to pull memory out, swap memory chips, see if it boots. Try another video card, etc.

    If you can't get the PSU fan to start, video card doesn't actually start, CPU fan doesn't start, there's a good possibility your motherboard itself could have failed.
  4. hahaha comes back in 15min to bitch about nobody helping him. I know I am late but I hate people who expect every-F U C K I N G-thing to be instant.

    to the op question , go through your basic troubleshooting methods mentioned , I have had a dead board that the light still comes on , there are ALOT of random things on a mobo that can go wrong. If no troubleshooting methods work you have a dead mobo and will be forced to upgrade either by yourself (which i seriously doubt you can do) or buy a new rig.
  5. i reckon your power button is broken - buy a new case....
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