Seagate Replica

Has anyone used a Seagate Replica?

It has a 500gb HDD and can store information from 3 pcs. It allows you to store 3 PCs Operating system, exe programs and files. It includes a boot disk so you can restore the Full HDD including all programs and files.

It sounds very useful. Has anyone used Seagate Replica? And if anyone has, has the experience been positive or negative?
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  1. It was given good reviews. One of the PC magazines gave it an innovation award. But it sounds too good to be true. having 3 pcs backed up with the OS and all exe. programs. They said it is slow to backup (several hours) a pcs HDD. Other than that, reviewers said it works very well.
  2. My experience has been entirely positive.
  3. Hello

    My experience is not positive. There are too many people that have problems with replica drives.
    When you use the unit for some time, replica software stops backup, saying that "there a lack of storage" (I use the Spanish version so the translation may be unaccurate). The only solution from seagate and rebit is uninstall the unit from operating system (uninstall the rebit replica software, and then lost any prevous backup) and reinstall again. This is a great problem for my users and clients. They can't uninstall and reinstall the software every 2 or 3 months. They doesn't want to lost all their backup every 2-3 months.

    Rebit sayed some month ago that they will release a new version on April 2010, but now (July 2010) there are not any solution yet. And appears that this software is a abandonware.

    Seagate tell me to erase replica software and use other backup software...

    So this unit is *unaceptable* and I think is a fraud.

    People of Toms Hardware. I have sell too many of this units to my clients, based princially on your review and my own 4 week testing. But now I think this unit is not a Five Starts.
  4. . . . just remember to 'unplug' it before you do any kind of system work, until you KNOW that the system is stable :heink:

    I started having a problem when McAfee Techie Support got on my system to remove/reinstall their Internet Security suite; after I clicked on the renew icon they emailed me and got 'updated' to the wrong package. Once his *fix* completed I found that the whole application was not functional :??:

    I figured, sigh; I'll just do a System Restore Point and be done with this mess and that's when my system locked up big time :ouch:

    At that point I realized I was in big trouble and thought to unplug my Replica . . . too late :(

    A hard reboot and many painful days later the Geeks are still scratching their collective heads trying to figure out how to get the data off a Replica that won't restore because it has a hosed up operating system in the image.

    I really wish I had unplugged my backup <BEFORE> I let McAfee on my system.
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