Looking for a silent air cooler for an intel Q9550


I am looking for a silent air cooler for an intel Q9550. I don't plan to overclock, but I also have a 4850 x2 inside my computer and I do game (Age of Empires III, Civilization IV,...).

So it just should be a good and silent cooler. I was thinking about a Scythe Zipang or Zipang 2. I would prefer the Zipang, cause it's more silent...would it keep my cpu cool enough ? I don't want the Scythe +orochi...it's just too big and heavy. I have an Antec Threehundred case and I do take my computer with me sometimes.

Correct me if I am wrong, but when I check the charts on Frostytech I get the impression the stock cooler would make less noise then the Zipang when using stock fan speeds. That's why I can't decide,

any advise ?
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  1. depending on cash liquid cooling?
  2. ^ Liquid cooling is not very practical if OP is moving the PC quite a lot.

    @OP: Why not get a S1283 or smiler (Not sure if it will fit or not) cooler and swap out fans for some Yate Loon or Scythe Slipstream fans?
  3. A good aftermarket HS always reduces noise. You can run low speed 120mm fans on it for beter temps and less noise. Thats a given.

    The better the HS, the less fannage you need.

    Looks like you know about Frosty already.

    If the cooler is in the top 20 for cooling and pretty good on noise get it.

    Your not overclocking, your temps are?? probably just fine, why are you looking for another HS anyway?

    If it works and your happy why change it? Your not playing a demanding game at all, the GPU barely even wakes up.

    So... why are you asking? Just getting your why first, it matters.
  4. I am trying to make my computer more silent.

    I allready looked into other cooling solutions for my 4850 x2, but there aren't any aftermarket coolers for that model. Well, at least not on air. I also looked into watercooling, but as someone suggested...if I move my computer it wouldn't be very practical. Decent watercooling also is pretty expensive. I checked prices...watercooling my cpu and vga with silent components would cost me something like 500 euro(~335 US dollar).

    Something I can do is put a silent air cooler on my cpu to begin with. Maybe later I can buy silent case fans; the ones I have now aren't that bad, but I think it can be better.

    I guess I'll go for the scythe zipang, not the zipang 2...for the noise. The zipang 2 is also compatible with i5, but it's not like I'll be upgrading in that direction in the near future. I guess I better get me a fan controller too then...maybe even a multi-fan controller,

    thx for your comments all.
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