Raid0 hdd with a ssd

I just upgraded my computer to 2 hdd's in raid 0 and i was wondering if when i eventually get a ssd of the same storage capacity(500gb) could i raid 0 it with my 2 current hdd's
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  1. You can, but:

    1) you would lose the current data on the RAID0; meaning you would have 're-format' the raid0; losing all data currently on it
    2) it won't add to performance; as the SSD's low access times will be raped by the HDDs access times; meaning any performance benefit is close to zero.
    3) it won't increase the reliability of the RAID either; since RAID0 stores segments on the vulnerable HDDs.

    An SSD is very much the opposite of what a HDD is:

    HDD focuses on mass-storage with low price per GB
    SSD focuses on performance with only limited storage space, much like SAS 15k HDDs.

    HDDs are fast on sequential transfers, but slower than a turtle when involving random I/O. SSDs may actually be faster with random I/O than sequential I/O, depending on the degree of intelligence of the SSD controller. So actually sequential I/O is a bottleneck for the SSD, while random I/O is almost as fast or in some weird cases even faster. An SSD can be many hundreds of times faster than HDDs regarding random I/O.

    So just use HDDs for mass storage, and use SSDs as system drive running your operating system. That's pretty much how the technology was meant to be used; not to completely replace HDDs as for mass-storage HDDs are still the better choice given a budget constraint.
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