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I've recently change from 32 to 64 and noticed that a function I use a lot just doesn't seem to be there. For some reason my 64bit xp install will not display any of the mp3 tag information in windows explorer ... I cannot right click and edit properties to update mp3 info any more.

Any ideas? I know there are shareware programs out there to edit, but that's much more hassle and time consuming - is there a patch or anything that could fix this for me?

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  1. Download dbPowerAmp. I use it to convert my music to FLAC format and it allows you to edit tags as well. That last free version is v10.1 (link below). Newer versions are priced at $26 or $38 depending the package you choose.

  2. I'll give it a whirl - thanks!
  3. scullydion said:
    I'll give it a whirl - thanks!

    hi ya, iam having same problem, cannot view any of the tag info i have spent years updating, its all there as i use tag&rename and if i open tag&rename i can see its there, but for some reason this xp64 bit windows doesn't let me see it.
    various forum posts about this says it the id tag version iam using, but why does it work in windows 32bit and not 64 bit?
    and how did it go with dbpoweramp did it solve it??
    many thanks frustrated windows user :-s
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